10 Best French Lingerie Brands

France is known for many things, and one is the sophisticated, elegant, and attractive taste in clothing and lingerie. When it comes to French lingerie brands, we may say for sure, that there are not 10 but many more french underwear brands that deserve our attention. However, in this article, our mission is to bring you the best of the best french lingerie brand. A list of those brands, that are creating the most beautiful, most sophisticated, most attractive pieces. Because in the end, all women deserve to feel beautiful and attractive, and there’s nothing that can help us achieve that more, than beautiful lingerie!

10 Best French lingerie brands

Just like some of the best Italian lingerie brands, French lingerie brands are also rulers in their industry not only in Europe but around the world. When it comes to french underwear brands, the point isn’t to have the most comfortable, most simple, nude, elastic lingerie, but for your lingerie to give you and your feminity an extra boost.

This is why lingerie french brands make is attractive, elegant, sexy, and suggestive, while it’s also in manners of good taste. Of course, some of these brands actually qualify for the French luxury brand category. Let’s see which are the best lingerie brands in alphabetical order.

1. Aubade Paris

French lingerie brands

Dr. Bernard founded Aubade Paris in 1958. This is a high-end French lingerie brand that deserves all the attention! When it comes to French lingerie brands, designer brands are the ones to look out for if you’re in search of beautiful and unique pieces.

Back in time, Dr. Bernard’s specialties were the corsets and girdles, which then expanded into nightgowns and robes too. Aubade Paris was the first brand to introduce colored and printed matching lingerie french women fall in love with right away. These sets were created to match the seasons. Aubade has done many innovations in lingerie fashion, bringing the first strapless bra, halter bras, and bras with hooks too.

Their biggest win was their avant-garde marketing that lured in the people, but their creations being really attractive, romantic, sensual, and feminine was what kept the brand alive ever since. The fabrics they use, and the designs ensure women’s comfort in their beautiful lingerie that you must not miss!

2. Chantal Thomass

Chantal Thomass is another amazing french lingerie brand by the name giver, who started her career in the fashion industry in the 60s. She introduced her french designer lingerie brand in 1975, after which in 2011 the brand became part of the Chantelle Group.

Chantelle Group has a few other french underwear brands and they have been in the industry since 1876, which means that they know what they are doing when it comes to lingerie. Now, the Chantal Thomass lingerie is really elegant and feminist, using traditional boudoir-inspired designs as well.

This explains also why most of their lingerie has a black and pink combination in color. The Chantal Thomass pieces are made of premium quality lace and/or satin, and they offer garter belts, corsets, bras, panties, and bikinis too.

3. Chantelle

French lingerie brands

The previously mentioned Chantelle Group that’s owning French lingerie brands such as Chantal Tomass has of course its own brand too. This is Chantelle, the brand for lingerie french women consider one of the best! Chantelle was founded in 1876 by François Auguste Gamichon.

Now, the brand has launched bras only in 1960, while they also revolutionized the world of lingerie with the first elasticized fabric that could be used to make corsets. In 1972 they launched the molded seamless bra, Défi, and in 2017 they launched their line that fits all bodies, an innovative one-size-fits-all collection.

Without ever stopping, in 2020 they created their eco-friendly collection, and in 2021 they made their first 100% recyclable bra too. Chantelle was and is looking for innovation, and the best solutions, while they also provide great quality and beautiful lingerie.

4. Eres

Eres is that french lingerie brand that’s also considered the best and most sexy french underwear brand of all. The brand was founded by Irène Leroux in 1968 as a swimwear brand after she took over her parents’ swimwear business. In 1996 Eres was bought by Chanel. Later on, they introduced their lingerie lines featuring elegant intimates.

Eres is using high-quality and delicate fabrics like Lycra, to offer women lingerie that fits every body type, it’s elegant, yet comfortable, and it can be worn daily. Now, another highlight of the Eres pieces is, that they have a minimalist style. In their collections, you can find silk slips, high-wast briefs, and lacy cotton bralettes too.

5. Etam Paris

Not to make extra publicity, but when it comes to French lingerie brands, our personal favorite is definitely Etam Paris. Etam was founded by a German designer actually, Max Lindemann in 1916, and it’s been present since as one of the best, most high-quality, modern, and quite affordable Parisian lingerie brands.

This brand also has stores in different countries outside of France, so you might just find them while walking down a street in some of the biggest cities in the world. Etam is a global brand that also holds fashion shows every year for its new collections.

Since the beginning, and still, Etam is one of the most famous ready-to-wear French lingerie brands. They use high-quality lace material for their absolutely stunning designs. On side of their lingerie collections, they offer sleepwear, swimwear, shapewear, and even sportswear lines too.

6. Lise Charmel

Lisa Charmel is another highlight for French lingerie brands. When it comes to actually sexy french underwear, this brand comes in the spotlight. The brand was founded in the 1950s in Lyon’s silk neighborhood. Over 7 decades Lisa Charmel became one of the best-selling french luxury lingerie brands.

The Lisa Charmel designs are glamorous, custom-fit pieces, which are also flirty and attractive. They use premium quality silk, satin, and Calais lace materials for their lingerie made by skilled craftsmen. The designs are creative, with intricate details which can not only be found in their lingerie but nightwear, swimwear, and loungewear collections too.


French lingerie brands

When it comes to sexy french underwear, LIVY is definitely one to look out for. This is a french lingerie brand by Lisa Chavy, founded in 2017. The name comes from using a portmanteau of letters in her first and last name. LIVY is basically the youngest brand on our list, but this doesn’t mean that it would be worthy or finely a great competition for any others here.

Lisa worked with several french luxury brands for over 15 years, and that’s how she’s gained experience before launching her own brand. LIVY offers high-quality, yet affordable lingerie collections with eccentric designs. Her pieces are bold, featuring various cuts, focusing on aesthetics, but also comfort.

On side of the lingerie line, they now offer beachwear and loungewear lines too. If that wouldn’t enough, LIVY has a studio where they create made-to-measure garments, that are perfect for those who are looking for custom-made lingerie in France!

8. Maison Lejaby

Maison Lejaby is another french lingerie brand to watch out for. When it comes to french underwear brands on this list, as you could see, almost all of them all well-established brands that were around for many years. Maison Lejaby is also like this. The label exists since 1930 when it specialized in lingerie and corsets.

Maison Lejaby offers premium quality lingerie made in France, specifically in Lyon, where they utilize the best quality materials and craftsmen. The lingerie collections are bold and sensual, with beautiful cuts, and sophisticated styles. Today, beyond lingerie and corsets, they offer swimwear, activewear, and sleepwear lines too!

9. Yasmine Eslami

If you’re looking for quality, sexy french underwear, Yasmine Eslami is another great french lingerie brand to keep an eye on! Yasmine Eslami launched her lingerie brand label in 2010. Before, she was working for Eres on their swimwear collection, as well as with Vivienne Westwood.

Yasmine Eslami makes comfortable, stylish, but also empowering lingerie. You can find a wide variety of pieces including bras, panties, as well as swimwear. Usually, the Yasmine Eslami items have using skin-toned fabrics or sheer. They offer a simple, yet beautiful lingerie collection!

10. Ysé

French lingerie brands

We are closing our list of French lingerie brands with one of the most outstanding french underwear brands, Ysé. Ysé was founded in 2012, which makes it the 2nd youngest brand on our list, but age doesn’t matter when quality and design are perfect!

Today, the Ysé collections and items are really popular for several reasons. Ysé offers comfort, great fit, and high quality, at affordable prices. Their collections feature contemporary, beautiful, and unique designs that are a big favorite not only in France but abroad too, especially their unpadded bras.

Ysé recently started using recycled lace for their designs, which is a big plus for being eco-friendly. On side of their lingerie collections, they offer loungewear and sleepwear lines too. If there’s one downside with Ysé, is that they don’t offer their products in plus sizes.

Wrapping up the 10 best French lingerie brands

Now that we’ve shared our french lingerie brand list, we believe it’s time for some shopping, isn’t it? French underwear brands can never disappoint if you’re looking for style, elegance, beauty, and quality. The above-listed brands are truly the best in France, and they are all available to order if by chance they don’t already have a store in your area. Make sure you check our other articles for French fashion brands, shoes, bags, and much more!

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