30 Best Clothing Brands in the World

There are so many fantastic clothing brand names among the neverending number of stores of women’s clothing brands. Names that, without exaggeration, created fashion, wrote history and even today continue to dictate trends all around the globe. The world’s most iconic celebrities, stars, influential political leaders, and public figures love to wear these brands, exclusive, sportswear, or fast-fashion clothing as well. In today’s article, we will guide you into a world that is a mix of luxury clothing brands and budget-friendly brands. We will take a closer look at the names that are world-famous and provide the fans of the fashion world with quality pieces. If you want to learn about the list of the best clothing brands, read on and learn more about the history of such legendary brands as Chanel, Christian Dior, or Hermes, but brands like Zara and Nike also hold exciting facts!

30 Best Clothing Brands in the World – Top Fashion Brands

While we only dream about owning at least a piece by some clothing brand names, the brands on our list all play an important role in the world of fashion, no matter their pricing. Expensive collections launched by world-famous designers inspire many other popular clothing brands, so we can say that these brands influence the way we dress even if we don’t specifically purchase their pieces.

The list of the best clothing brands below contains both expensive clothing brands and budget-friendly alternatives. In addition to luxury brands, which require a budget of hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars, even for the purchase of just one piece of clothing, there are also more affordable but high-quality clothing brands that you can stumble upon even in the most basic shopping malls.

If you want to find out more about the world’s best clothing brands fashion bloggers praise, what kind of work goes on behind the scenes, what materials they use to make the clothes, and in general, what creations people celebrate on the catwalks of fashion shows, stay with us! We will reveal everything below!

1. Dolce & Gabbana

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The first name among the most popular clothing brands is none other than Dolce & Gabbana. This Italian luxury fashion house was founded in Legnano in 1985 by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. The brand is one of the most expensive clothing brands and no doubt, it strongly dictates fashion. Its muses include celebrities such as Sophia Loren and Madonna. Currently, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are the faces of the brand, with whom they also launched a joint collection.

The brand is famous for using fashion to highlight female confidence. Black, leopard print, but also light and floral patterns are also common in the Dolce & Gabbana collection. Dolce & Gabbana uses materials such as brocade, poplin, georgette, and chiffon to make their clothes.

In the clothing of Dolce & Gabbana, you can find plenty of sensual, sophisticated garments and extravagant bags and accessories. The DG Logo Bag is one of their most popular bags and costs less than $1,000. The cheapest dress costs $1,245, while the most expensive is currently a stunning piece from KIM’s DOLCE&GABBANA collection, the $90,900 crystal-encrusted maxi dress.

2. Giorgio Armani

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Let’s continue our list of the best women’s clothing brand names with the Italian fashion brand Giorgio Armani. Founded in 1975, Giorgio Armani has been setting trends for generations. The brand was founded by Giorgio Armani, who first worked as an assistant and later as an independent clothing designer. The Giorgio Armani clothes and accessories are mostly characterized by refined elegance, careful workmanship, and quality.

Armani has created an empire worldwide. His philosophy is none other than that he makes his creations for real customers, real people, and this is perfectly reflected in the Armani collections. These are simple designs without any exaggeration. Delicately crumbling materials, fabrics, and silks combined with pleasant colors and discreet patterns, so they can be easily integrated into your everyday wardrobe.

Regarding pricing, Armani is one of the luxury brands, which is undoubtedly reflected in the price tags. The cheapest ottoman fabric sleeveless summer top costs $445, and dresses mostly range from $2,000 to $5,000, but you can also find a $27,000 dress on offer.

3. Prada

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Another world-famous name among the brands for women’s clothes is Prada. The history of the Prada luxury clothing brand goes back to 1913 and is linked to the name of the founder Mario Prada. Whether it’s elegant handbags, shoes, or clothes you are after, Prada offers unique pieces.

Prada was already very popular in the early days, as the brand’s classic, unbeatable quality clothes quickly spread throughout Europe. For example, looking at the brand’s range of jackets, you can see how timeless these pieces are. The elegantly tailored coats, jackets, silk, and lace dresses or the pieces made of cashmere, cloth, mohair, or wool are the most iconic pieces of the brand.

Prada owes its exclusivity to its high prices, so it is no coincidence that the brand keeps raising prices. The brand offers thousands of dollars worth of clothes and bags. The Brandy Top Handle 2 luxury bag made of exotic ostrich skin is considered the most expensive Prada handbag to date and can be purchased for $10,000.

4. Ralph Lauren

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Ralph Lauren is one of the world’s most popular clothing brands, founded by Ralph Lauren in the late 1960s. The brand is characterized by simplicity, elegance, and timeless style, which are perfectly reflected in the brand’s various collections.

Ralph Lauren clothing has a huge product range, offering a wide selection of clothes for fashion lovers. In addition, of course, various accessories, bags, and shoes can also be found among Ralph Lauren products. The brand’s clothing line includes t-shirts with the iconic logo, sleek jackets, and sporty women’s dresses.

Ralph Lauren’s style has always been based on the American way of life, which emphasizes simplicity and quality. Elegance, simplicity, and timeless style have always been the company’s trademark, and this is still the case today. Ralph Lauren is one of the more affordable clothing brands, with prices well under $500 and usually under $1,000.

5. Christian Dior

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The next example on our list of the best clothing brands is Christian Dior. This world-famous fashion brand is one of the most defining names in the fashion world. The brand, founded in 1947, has been the epitome of elegant, feminine, and timeless fashion since its launch. The Dior brand was made famous and distinguished from other clothing brands by such iconic clothing pieces as the “New Look” coat and the “Bar” jacket.

Looking at Dior clothes, you can quickly notice that their style is characterized by clean elegance, timeless femininity and glamour. The clothes are made of the best quality materials. In addition to organza, silk and satin materials, beautifully crafted lace and eye-catching rhinestones are also common in the designs.

As a luxury brand, Christian Dior is not one of the budget-friendly clothing brands. Jackets and coats range from $3,000 to $5,000, and dresses also fit into this price range. The brand’s creative director and designer is Maria Grazia Chiurri, who also introduced Italian elegance into the style of the French fashion house.

6. Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton is one of the most well-known clothing brand names in the fashion world, founded in Paris in the late 1800s. At first, the company was famous for its high-quality leather goods and travel accessories, but later it also conquered the world of fashion. The brand represents an elegant, timeless style, which is made unique by high-quality materials and precise workmanship. It is, therefore, no coincidence that Louis Vuitton is still one of the highest-quality clothing brands today.

The iconic LV monogram pattern is also well-known in the fashion world and has now become a trademark. In the company’s clothing collections, in addition to high-quality silk, cashmere, and velvet materials, they gladly go back to the beginning and use leather elements on both clothes and accessories.

The price of clothes can be influenced by many factors, such as the type of clothes, the quality and quantity of the materials used, and the complexity of the workmanship. But in general, Louis Vuitton is one of those luxury clothing brands that offers exclusive, individually designed clothing for thousands of dollars.

7. Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is also one of the most popular clothing brands. The brand was founded in 1961 by designer Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent. Since its launch, the French fashion house has been dedicated to creating exclusive and unique garments. What really makes these dresses stand out from the crowd is the fantastic combination of classic elegance and modernity.

One of Yves Saint Laurent’s main aspirations has always been to design clothes with lines and sophisticated solutions that highlight the beauty of the female body. Elegant lines and dramatic elements can be found in these creations, so it is no coincidence that many celebrities prefer YSL dresses on the red carpet.

YSL clothes are made of very high-quality materials, not to mention precise and careful workmanship. Dresses average between $2,000 and $6,000, but blouses and shirts made from lightweight fabrics can be purchased for under $1,000.

8. Versace

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The next of the best brands for women’s clothes is Versace. The Versace clothing brand was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace. From the very beginning, the brand was known for the production of high-end, spectacular clothes and accessories, and last but not least, for its high prices, which make the name Versace truly exclusive.

Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, and Gigi Hadid, just to mention some of the most famous people who are associated with the Versace brand. Thanks to them the brand attracts all generations. However, the praise goes mainly to the designers, as the extravagant creations make the brand unique.

Versace women’s dresses range from $1,000 to $5,000. In the collections, you can also find clothes with a clean, simple design that are timeless, but you can also find a good number of extravagant pieces in brighter colors, such as the Medusa ’95 velvet hooded overalls.

9. Chanel

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A list of women’s clothing brand names would never be complete without Chanel. Among the designer brands, Chanel is one of the high-end clothing brands and also the most well-known. It offers impressive garments in the spirit of classic elegance.

Chanel’s clothing collections represent timelessness, as the brand’s style mostly combines simplicity, elegance, and classic beauty. The French brand was founded in 1910 by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, who both as an individual and as a designer was one of the world’s most iconic fashion personalities.

The Chanel clothing collections feature famous Chanel symbols such as the little black dress, the velvet jacket, the double-striped blazer, and pearl jewelry, which are the undeniable epitome of classic elegance. Being a luxury brand, Chanel’s prices are quite high. For example, the price of the Chanel Flap Bag has already reached a 10,000 dollars value. Before moving forward, make sure you check out the best French lingerie brands too!

10. Balenciaga

When speaking of the best clothing brands, we also have to mention Balenciaga. This company was founded in 1919 by the Spanish Cristobal Balenciaga in San Sebastian, Spain. Balenciaga offers ready-to-wear clothing, footwear, accessories, and handbags. One of the iconic Balenciaga pieces is the hoodie, which you can buy in almost every color.

In Balenciaga stores or online you can find a large selection of streetwear, such as sweatshirts and hoodies, and leisure clothes. The price of hoodies starts at $800. However, you can also find a collection of evening dresses as well, which have a bold design. Balenciaga also offers activewear and swimwear for both men and women.

If you appreciate fine craftsmanship, bold designs, fun accessories, and innovative techniques to create all these, Balenciaga is a great choice for you. These pieces are everything, but boring. Each piece, even those that look simple has an unexpected design element that makes this brand stand out.

11. Givenchy

Givenchy is another world-famous fashion brand company that has a well-deserved place on our list of the best clothing brands. This French luxury fashion and perfume house offers ready-to-wear clothing, stylish accessories, and must-have necessities to your wardrobe. The designer Hubert de Givenchy founded the brand in 1952 and immediately launched his first collection which included floaty skirts and puffy blouses.

The direction and fashion approach of the company hasn’t changed much since. One of the most famous Givenchy dresses is the little black dress Audrey Hepburn wore in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Today, Givenchy clothes follow clear lines and designs focus on simplicity.

Now, being one of the most well-known luxury fashion brands, Givenchy prices tend to be higher than most affordable brands on our list. Leather jackets can easily reach $5000. And in case you think little black dresses are more affordable, we have to prove you wrong, as these can cost even more than $6000.

12. Valentino

Another outstanding name among the most popular clothing brands is none other than Valentino. The history of the brand dates back to 1960, when Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani, who lives in Milan, founded the brand. From the young to the elderly, Valentino has been dictating trends in the world of luxury fashion for generations.

Valentino clothes stand out from other brands in the fashion world due to their sophisticated and precise design. Not to mention the iconic chain pattern that has become one with the Valentino name. Similar pieces to the short-sleeved Valentino dresses made from a blend of wool and silk with iconic designs, or floor-length fitted black Valentino evening dresses are hard to find.

Looking at the brand’s pricing, we definitely have to define it as one of the more exclusive and expensive clothing brands. Dresses start at $3,500, while the most expensive piece is currently the $18,000 Tulle Illusione embroidered short-sleeve gold-colored dress embellished with sequins and other fine details. But the pink Crepe Couture embroidered dress, which is equivalent to a work of art, has a similar price, also.

13. Gucci

Gucci is one of the most well-known and respected luxury clothing brands. The brand was founded in 1921 in Florence, Italy by Guccio Gucci. Over time, the brand with a rich history has become one of the leading global brands of exclusive luxury clothing and accessories. 

Gucci is famous worldwide for its exclusive clothes that are elegant, modern, and stylish, often featuring the brand’s signature, easily recognizable designs and logos. The combination of unique designs, innovative colors, and unusual materials creates Gucci’s unique style, which cannot be matched. At the same time, the brand is well-deservedly famous for the use of quality materials, as well as their precise elaboration.

The Gucci fashion house is one of the leading brands in the luxury fashion world, so it is no coincidence that the prices of the clothes are quite high. It’s hard to find a piece of clothing under $1,000, and on average, Gucci creations cost thousands of dollars. The most expensive Gucci dress currently costs $6,500.

14. Burberry

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Among all high-end clothing brand names, Burberry is one of the world’s leading luxury fashion brands. This English brand was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, who was also the inventor of the kaftan material. Burberry’s style is characterized by a mixture of timeless elegance and modernism, thanks to which many celebrities prefer to wear Bubrerry’s clothes and accessories.

Burberry’s classic style is known for its signature check pattern, which radiates timeless elegance. It’s hard to find anything comparable in quality, material, and workmanship to the iconic Burberry jacket, which averages between $1,000 and $1,500. Those looking for simplicity, elegance, and sophistication are sure to find the right pieces in the Burberry range.

Burberry clothing and accessories are made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. At the same time, it’s no secret that Burberry’s designers have always paid special attention to the highest quality of clothes.

15. Hermes

Hermès is a must-have on the list of luxury clothing brands. This French fashion brand company was founded in 1837 and has been a symbol of elegance, timeless style, and high quality ever since. The brand primarily deals with the design of leather goods, clothing, accessories, and perfumes, and enjoys great recognition throughout the world thanks to its refined, elegant, and precisely crafted products.

Hermès clothing is dominated by minimalist style and elegance. The collections are mostly characterized by clean lines and classic shapes, which are timeless, elegant, and unique. These creations are made of impeccable quality materials, but functionality also plays an important role. When creating Hermès clothes, not only the appearance but also the comfort and durability of the materials are key.

Although the Hermès brand is most famous for its Birkin bags (these bags are among the most expensive bags in existence), the clothing items are also available at very reasonable prices. For dresses and skirts, prices mostly range from $1,500 to $5,000, but you can find some simpler, yet stylish and timeless pieces for as little as $600.

16. Michael Kors

Among the popular clothing brands is Michael Kors, which was founded in the 1980s by the young fashion designer Michael Kors in New York. Kors started designing fashion at a young age and participated in various fashion shows and competitions as a teenager. It is no coincidence that Michael Kors is still so popular today.

The clothes bear the marks of a modern, trendy, and at the same time elegant style, and are generally preferred by younger, more dynamic women. In addition to the designer’s emphasis on details and refined workmanship, the clothes are made of high-quality materials.

In addition, Michael Kors clothes show that the designer likes to play with the materials and the techniques, so in his collections, you can also come across many unexpected solutions. The price of the clothes belongs to the more affordable category compared to other high-quality clothing brands due to the fact that you can put together a Michael Kors set for only a few hundred dollars.

17. Victoria Beckham

We are sure that no matter where you live and when you were born, the Victoria Beckham name sounds familiar. But did you know that one of the most loved Spice Girls members has her own fashion brand with the same name? Well, here it is. Victoria Beckham founded her fashion company in 2008.

Her goal was to create a clothing line that offers bold, intuitive, and refined wardrobe necessities and accessories. The luxurious and distinctive clothing follows the designer’s personal style, which is quite minimalist, and modern. To make the brand’s flattering garments, the brand uses high-quality fabrics and materials and relies on fine craftsmanship.

Compared to luxury brands, prices are quite affordable. For instance, their Black Dress Edit collection includes little black dresses starting from $600. The company’s designer tailored denim and luxury jeans collection is also worth your attention.

18. Max Mara

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We think you will agree with us on this one when we say that Max Mara should also be on our list of the best brands for women’s clothes. The history of Max Mara starts with the founder’s grandmother who in 1850 owned a major workshop in the center of Reggio Emilia.

The passion for fabrics and tailoring was passed down to the granddaughter, Giulia Fontanesi Maramotti who started learning sewing and patternmaking in 1925 from her grandmother. Cavaliere Achille Maramotti founded the first company of the Max Mara Group in 1951, which today is one of the most prestigious Italian fashion houses.

Max Mara has sophisticated brand stores. The brand is present in some of the most famous shopping houses from Paris to New York, and from Tokyo to South Africa, and of course in Milan too. When it comes to clothes, they have some beautiful designs, but their bags and shoes are also fabulous!

19. Emporio Armani

When it comes to Italian clothing brand names, Emporio Armani stands out. This clothing brand is part of the Giorgio Armani brand, which debuted on the market in 1981. Emporio Armani is the sporty and relaxed fashion line of the Armani brand, which offers stylish clothes, shoes, watches, and other accessories to trend-following young people. 

These garments are born from the meeting of elegant and modern style, following the current fashion. Looking at the collections, simplicity, minimalism, and restraint are what characterize these clothes. When making Emporio Armani clothes and accessories, the fashion house uses materials such as silk, cotton, wool, or leather. 

Synthetic fiber materials are also part of the collections, which are of high quality and durable. The brand targets younger customers not only in design but also in pricing. These pieces are much more affordable than Giorgio Armani clothes. You can find tops, skirts, and pants for between $200 and $400, and you can put together a jacket and pants outfit for under $1,000.

20. Bottega Veneta

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Let’s talk about another one of the most popular clothing brands, Bottega Veneta. When it comes to high-end brands, Bottega Veneta must be the next on our list. There are just a few labels that can balance prestige and class as perfectly as Bottega Veneta does.

Being a world-famous luxury brand, Bottega Veneta doesn’t need a big loud logo for people to know you’re wearing luxury on you. Instead, the technique designers use to create these pieces can be identified when it comes to Bottega Veneta designs.

After some experiments, the intracciato became the symbol of unmatched craftmanship with leather. Bottega Veneta was founded by Renzo Zengiaro and Michele Taddei in 1966. Besides the impeccable leather goods, they’ve got clothing, shoes, and accessories collections as well, and they remain one of the most important Italian designer clothing brands.

21. Roberto Cavalli

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The next fashion brand company on our best fashion brands list is Robert Cavalli. Among the Italian designer brands, Roberto Cavalli is the one known for wild prints and exotic elegance. Many celebrities like Jennifer Lopez too wore Roberto Cavalli on the red carpet, and the glamorous silhouettes and seductive cuts made them just stand out.

When it comes to traditional Italian clothing, there are some colors and prints that Italians love to wear. Outstanding yet elegant, simple yet eye-catching is always what Italians are looking for when it comes to fashion.

Robert Cavalli was born in an artistic family in Florence Italy in 1940. His natural artistic skills led him to revolutionize the fashion industry in 1970 by printing on leather. The very first Robert Cavalli shop was opened in 1972 in Saint Tropez, France. Since the brand made some amazing developments it became one of the greatest brands.

22. Miu Miu – Italian fashion brands list

Miu Miu is one of the top fashion brands that are known all around the world. They offer young, fresh, yet elegant, and very stylish clothes. When you are looking for a chick Italian dress, you might want to check out Miu Miu, the sister company of Prada led by Miuccia Prada.

Miuccia founded Miu Miu in 1993, and having the same creative director and designer leading both brands just shows us how talented and diversely incredible she is. Miu Miu is unmissable when it comes to the best Italian fashion brands list since the quality, style, and vision are just irreplaceable.

The brand is known for its amazing handbag collections, ready-to-wear clothing, and cute accessories. Miu Miu is more about colors, chains, sequins, fur, gold, and interesting shapes, disregarding minimal branding and softly spoken lines.

23. Moschino

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Undoubtedly, Moschino has a fantastic clothing line, but the reason why we consider it one of the top fashion brands is because we just adore their bags! When it comes to designer clothing brands and beautiful Italian dresses, we say Moschino, but we say ALWAYS Moschino when it comes to small handbags especially.

Moschino is the brand of those girls who like to shock people around them, and who want to stand out. Franco Moschino founded the brand in 1983. Moschino is famous for everyday iconography, corporate logos, and even comic book characters used for their designs.

Later, in 2013 Jeremy Scott, a British designer joined the Moschino team as creative director, and he brought a new set of flair that has placed Moschino in the spotlight. If you are into stylish and trendy clothing items and accessories, it is very likely that you will find what you are looking for in a Moschino store.

24. Missoni

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Let’s speak about an incredible Italian fashion house, one of the top fashion brands! The absolute master of Italian knitwear, one of the best, a bit expensive clothing brands in Italy you should know about! Missoni is one of those iconic Italian brands that have really unique, particular aesthetics.

The brand was founded in 1953 as a family business and it remained as such ever since. When it comes to traditional Italian clothing, knitwear is a huge part of the style, as in Italy people don’t particularly enjoy cold weather, so as soon the weather becomes colder, knitwear is the way to go.

Missoni is famous for its zigzag prints, vibrant, colorful scarves, and other knitwear that we all want to have in our wardrobes. Despite the colors and style, the brand remains still extremely tasteful and loved by many.

25. Massimo Dutti

Another example of the most popular clothing brands is Massimo Dutti. The history of this Spanish fashion company goes back to 1985 when Inditex (the same company that owns Zara) created the brand. Massimo Dutti is most famous for its cashmere and wool products.

The style of their clothes is mostly elegant and simple. There are no bold designs or unexpected cuts, Massimo Dutti clothes are pure simplicity and classic elegance. Compared to Zara, these clothes are of better quality, but their price tag also tends to be on the higher side.

If you want to put together a Massimo Dutti outfit, you can easily do that by paying at least $100 for a dress. Some of the most iconic designs of the brand are summer linen dresses, leather trousers and skirts, and buttoned trench coats. At the end of the day, Massimo Dutti is a midrange fashion company that offers high-end inspired clothing and accessories for a more affordable price.

26. Zara

Another prominent clothing brand is Zara, which provides a much more affordable, budget-friendly alternative to high-end luxury fashion brands. Amancio Ortega founded Zara in 1975. Although Zara is not classified as a luxury clothing brand, it offers very high-quality pieces.

It mainly offers stylish clothes for those who like suits, office wear, and streetwear. As a fast fashion clothing brand, Zara provides its customers with new collections every season. They are characteristically stylish and trend-following, so you can be sure that when you dress from Zara, you are wearing clothes made according to the latest fashion trends.

And you can do this without robbing the bank. These dresses hardly cost more than $100, yet they are fashionable and sophisticated. You will find fantastic summer linen dresses, silk shirts, and fabric blazers at Zara at affordable prices.

27. Fendi

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Founded by Adele and Edoardo Fendi in Rome in 1925, Fendi has grown over the years into a luxury brand renowned for its craftsmanship and innovation, closely linked to its Roman roots. Today, almost 100 years later, Fendi is one of the quality brands for women’s clothes, characterized by respect for tradition, experimentation, and bold creativity. The result? A unique clothing brand that never fails to impress.

Fendi clothes bring a sense of luxury and elegance to your wardrobe, as they offer customers timeless style and premium quality. Few people know, but designers gather inspiration from different parts of the world to create clothes. Later they choose fantastic quality materials and create the clothes using sophisticated technology.

The offer includes clean, understated clothes and fully monogrammed pieces. Among the clothes, you can also find accessories of unparalleled quality, such as scarves, gloves, and hats. Most of the dresses cost thousands of dollars, the most expensive dress reaches 14,000 dollars.

28. Nike

If you are interested in a fashion brand company that offers leisure and sportswear, most likely, one of the first names that come to your mind is none other than Nike. Although most of the time we think of Nike products in relation to shoes, the brand also offers fantastic sportswear for those looking for stylish and comfortable clothing. The American company Nike was founded in 1964 and revolutionized the sportswear market almost immediately.

Thanks to the innovative solutions, Nike clothes and accessories are extremely comfortable, durable, and, last but not least, stylish. The new collections were created in such a way that the pieces certainly provide the highest comfort and improve the athletes’ performance. For this, the brand uses materials with a breathable, water-repellent surface and UV protection to make the clothes.

The price range is also great for Nike, providing an affordable, budget-friendly clothing option for those who want to combine sport and style. Nike’s most expensive apparel products usually belong to the collections for athletes. Prices vary by collection and product type, but if you look at the most expensive Nike apparel, the prices range between $500 and $1,000.

29. Lululemon

We can’t leave out Lululemon from our list of the best clothing brands, especially when we take into consideration the sportswear category. Lululemon Athletica is a high-quality sportswear brand founded in Canada in 1998. The brand is the intersection of fashion and functionality. The brand’s products include leggings, sports bras, tops, and accessories.

To make these clothes, the brand is using innovative technologies that guarantee comfort, durability, and higher performance. The materials are breathable, moisture-wicking, and flexible, so no matter what sport you do, you don’t have to worry about comfort.

In terms of the price of the clothes, Lululemon belongs to the upper category, because the clothes offered by the brand cost several hundred dollars. Compared to Nike’s previously mentioned pricing, Lululemon’s prices are much higher. The brand is mostly famous for its leggings, and their prices can reach up to $300.

30. Guess

Now let’s take a look at the last clothing brand, Guess. Guess was founded in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, who left the South of France and headed to make the American dream come true. They soon founded a clothing brand, which has been a defining name in the fashion world ever since.

The Guess brand has become a symbol of elegance, trendiness, and self-expression. Due to the constant change in the fashion world, Guess is constantly developing new and innovative ideas to design garments and accessories that match the current fashion trends.

You can enjoy a wide selection of elegant casual clothes by looking at the Guess range, but you will also find plenty of stylish everyday clothes. The prices vary, and nothing proves this more than the fact that the prices of women’s clothes start at less than $100, and the most expensive is $700. The same is true for tops, which range from $30 to $300.

Wrapping up the best clothing brands in the world

In recent years, the world of women’s fashion has been more diverse and exciting than ever before. We think that the top fashion brands listed in our article clearly prove this. Whether it’s a nearly hundred-year-old clothing brand or a new one, the names we mentioned above all offer iconic creations to fashion lovers. As you can see, some brands, such as Chanel or Giorgio Armani, offer fantastic pieces for those who appreciate classic elegance, while brands such as Gucci or Versace satisfy customers with a bold fashion approach.

But what makes these brands the best? What makes a clothing brand one of the best of all existing brands in the world? Creative design, quality of materials, attention, careful and precise execution, durability, and time resistance all contribute to this. It is therefore no coincidence that the brands on the above list all stand out, as they meet all the mentioned criteria.

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