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In this day and age, finding the best fashion blogs can prove just a tad tricky. We are not lacking inspiration at all when it comes to fashion and beauty blogs. It would be silly to affirm otherwise. Still, there are so many great fashion sources for the best outfits and the best makeup products that it can soon become head-turning.

Luckily for you, The Fashion Fabrique is all about finding the best modest, mom, and affordable fashion blog websites.  I have started with a list of the top 10 fashion bloggers. Follow them if you want to build yourself the coolest wardrobe and feel your best self. Indeed, there’s no shortage of self-empowerment on their blogs.

The Best Fashion Blogs To Follow Today

As I said, there are many fashion blog sites on the blogosphere today. Each of these great fashion websites is unique,  as such, we all have something different to offer our readership. There exist the best fashion blogs in terms of mom blogging, budget blogging, and obviously, high-end fashion blogs.

Follow me as I show you the top 10 fashion bloggers to follow today. Don’t just trust me: take a look at the amazing blogging world and fashion communities these ladies have built. Glean a tip here and a tip there, and soon enough,  your own style will elevate effortlessly.

1. The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni – Best Fashion Blogs

The Best Fashion Blogs - Minimalist, Mom Blogs, and Modest Blogging
Photo: The Blonde Salad

I could not start a list of womens fashion blog websites without mentioning The Blonde Salad. This is one of the best fashion blogs around today. The Blonde Salad serves each and every beauty and fashion addict in doses of style tips, outfits, and reviews.

Created by the digital entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni in 2009, The Blonde Salad is aimed at empowering women. Those who would like to refine their self-confidence, positivity, and fashion style meet there without a second thought.

The Blonde Salad is also the very example and proof that hard blogging work and consistency can bring in people interested in your work. More than that, people are interested in what you have to say and what experiences you can share with them. 

The Blonde Salad was and still is the base of Chiara Ferragni’s career. The powerful influencer has turned her personal blog into a full-blown lifestyle website, an e-commerce platform, a talent agency, and her own fashion brand, the Chiara Ferragni brand.

2. Leonie Hanne – Best Fashion Blog Sites

The Best Fashion Blogs - Minimalist, Mom Blogs, and Modest Blogging
Photo: Leonie Hanne

If you were looking for the top fashion blog sites today, Leonie Hanne is the prestigious blogger you need. Not because you need to follow someone absolutely, but because the level of fashion inspiration she brings is otherworldly.

With her partnerships with brands such as Swarovski, Givenchy, Dior, and La Mer, Leonie Hanne has built an entire fashion universe around her personal image. This stunning German fashion blogger uses and abuses her experience as a strategy consultant. Now, she works to maintain and lead the fashion world and luxury.

Between writing, photoshoots, and campaigns, Leonie Hanne is a great example that strategy and image go hand in hand. That’s how she’s built one of the top fashion blogging resources, and why there is so much to learn from this amazing lady.

3. Best Fashion Blogs: The Budget Babe

The Best Fashion Blogs - Minimalist, Mom Blogs, and Modest Blogging
Photo: Style Bistro

The Budget Babe is an affordable fashion blog that has been around for more than a decade. Dianna Barros has created her womens fashion blog in 2007 and her motto is “fab without a fortune”.

Dianna has created one of the best fashion blogs with a base of celebrity looks for less, outfit inspirations, and fun fashion outfits for all. More than that, she has also set The Budget Babe as the mom fashion blog to follow without a second thought.

Indeed, she is a mum of three, and a figure in the fashion blogging world for people on a budget. Since 2007, she has also partnered with Brooke Tosovsky. She is a regular contributing writer on The Budget Babe, a mother of three who is also all about finding the best look tips and tricks on a budget.

4. Un-Fancy: Minimalist Womens Fashion Blog

The Best Fashion Blogs - Minimalist, Mom Blogs, and Modest Blogging
Photo: Unfancy

Unfancy is one of the less-is-more fashion blog examples that any minimalist fashion addict should follow. Caroline Joy created Unfancy as a way to find her style and curb her mindless shopping habit.

But when the best fashion blogs were all about layering the highest-end pieces and stacking luxury upon luxury, Caroline created her own minimalist capsule wardrobe. With 37 pieces in total, she started sharing her less-is-more approach to fashion. Her outfits pleased all people willing to try out a creative way to dress, not only for less but with a more mindful vision.

Unfancy is not an active fashion blog anymore as Caroline Joy has decided to step away from the blogging and social media world after 5 years. Still, all of her amazing minimalist fashion content is still available for us to learn from and apply in our day-to-day life.

5. The Frugality: Affordable Fashion Blog

Photo: The Frugality

The Frugality, built-in 2012, is one of the best fashion blogs. The blog was created for those of us who would like to take advantage of a minimalist budget lifestyle.

Alex Stedman is not just a blogger. She has 15 years of experience in the fashion media industry and has even worked for Condé Nast Traveller. In addition, she has been featured in BBC, The Telegraph, and The Sunday Times Style.

This is not just a womens fashion blog – this is the blog that you will want to visit when you are on a budget. Follow The Frugality, and you will know everything to create an amazing wardrobe at a fraction of the cost.

6. The Mother Chic: Mom Fashion Blog

The Best Fashion Blogs - Minimalist, Mom Blogs, and Modest Blogging
Photo: TheMotherChic

The Mother Chic is a mom fashion blog built on a play-on-word. From Lindsay’s point of view, moms are motherships – a headquarters for everything.

This is one of the best fashion blogs that mixes witty, wearable, affordable fashion and parenting reflections. It is a beautiful blog that shows that humanity in fashion blogs is far from being dead.

Lindsay is the mother of four boys and a former elementary school teacher. She shares every tip she can to help moms all around the world build a wardrobe that is not just the basic mom uniform. It’s all about mixing that busy lifestyle with sales items, simple and fashionable outfits, and the life of a hectic lifestyle-empowered woman.

7. Hayley Hall: The Modest Fashion Blog

Photo: Hayley Hall

Modest fashion blog owners have become more and more of an inspiration for all of us around the world in recent years. Blogs and Instagram have both shifted from the full-blown perspective of high-end luxury influencers and bloggers. Today’s blogosphere has turned to modesty, affordability, and a more realistic way of living.

I really enjoy Hayley Hall’s blog and I consider it one of the best fashion blogs. Hayley’s work encompasses not only plus-size girls, religious girls, and any of us who are into maxi dresses, layers, and non-cleavage necklines.

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She just shows that, as she states, “covering up has never been more on-trend”. I do abide by this. If you would like to wear style in a comfortable way, you don’t have to flash skin in and feel like your skirt is going to go up at any moment. Exit, also, a cleavage showing too much cleavage. Just pure style, comfort, and feminity.

8. Fashion Jackson: Minimalist Fashion Blog

Photo: Fashion Jackson

Fashion Jackson is one of the best fashion blog examples for classic, sophisticated living. As Amy Jackson, the minimalist fashion blog owner states, Fashion Jackson is a destination made to imagine, inspire, and impress.

The very goal of Fashion Jackson is to make sophistication and elegance as approachable as possible. It targets anyone who would like to try to diffuse a new breath of simplicity in their wardrobe.

I really enjoy Amy’s blog as it is a goldmine for tips and tricks to make an outfit sophisticated with the most basic pieces. Fashion Jackson is one of the fashion blog examples that you need to follow if you want to dive deeper into the fashion world and don’t know where to start.

9. Modest Mira: Modest Fashion Blog

Modest Mira is a modest fashion blog created in 2015 by Amira, a Manchester-based lifestyle blogger. I believe this is one of the best fashion blogs around if you like experimenting with minimalism, modesty, and colorful urbanism.

When you take a look at Modest Mira, you can understand just how passionate Amira is about integrating nature and positivity in her life. It is no wonder why the famous British blogger has already partnered with high-profile brands like Topshop, Ted Baker, Telegraph, John Lewis, and Nike.

If you like to discover new ways of living and thinking positivity and empowerment, that’s definitely one of the fashion blogs to keep an eye on.

10. Best Fashion Blogs: The Fashion Fabrique

The Best Fashion Blogs - Minimalist, Mom Blogs, and Modest Blogging
Photo: The Fashion Fabrique

The Fashion Fabrique is your all-around Rendez-vous for trends past, present, and future. The website is part of Mira Digital, an all-female-run agency. The agency focuses on travel, fashion, jewelry, and female entrepreneurship.

The womens fashion blog The Fashion Fabric breaks down all trends fashion from around the world. There, you can find tips on how to dress like a Londoner or a Parisian lady, and reviews of the best brands and outfits.

Jewelry and sustainability are a great part of The Fashion Fabrique. This high-end and affordable fashion blog decrypts all things sustainable, ethical, luxury, and of course – affordable.

Wrapping Up 10 Fashion Bloggers To Follow

So there you have them: the best fashion blogs to follow ASAP to create your best-ever looks. Those are only a few fashion blog examples out of thousands of great ladies creating the very best fashion combinations.

The greatest mom fashion blog or minimalist fashion blog does not exist. However, we now have all the resources we could ever dream of to elevate both our outfits and our self-confidence.

So how about checking them out for the best tips in minimalism, modesty, and neutrality? In the meantime, if you would like to learn all about jewelry, one of our favorite topics on The Fashion Fabrique, here are the 10 cutest affordable minimalist jewelry brands for you! 

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