10 Cutest Affordable Minimalist Jewelry Brands

It seems to me like affordable minimalist jewelry brands are all the rage right now. Maybe fashionistas are tired of bling pieces. Now, we just want cute simple designs to nestle in our minimalist jewelry box. It’s very much understandable though. When you’re going out on a first date, when you’re going to work, minimalist jewelry brands are the easiest to wear.

I have put together an amazing list of the must have jewelry brand options to have right now. From silver to rose gold, and the cutest minimalist gold jewelry, I promise you the simplest and most striking designs of the year.

10 Cutest Affordable Minimalist Jewelry Brands

Minimalist jewelry brands weren’t always all that trendy. When I was a fashion makeup artist, we wouldn’t see those designs all that often on photoshoots. Runways are not that much crazy about simplicity either. Still, there’s this movement surrounding minimalist gold jewelry and rose gold minimalist jewelry right now that makes you think.

Sometimes, even if I’m one of the most crazy-looking jewelry lovers, I like to indulge in a quest for the cutest affordable minimalist jewelry brands. And I know you are too since you’re here on The Fashion Fabrique today. So embark on this adventure together, and do let me know your own fave minimalist brands!

1. Astrid & Miyu

10 Cutest Affordable Minimalist Jewelry Brands - Maya Magal, Ana Luisa...
Photo: WhatsonLive

Astrid & Miyu has since long imposed itself as the must have jewelry brand to own in your minimalist jewelry box. It was founded in 2012 in London by Connie Nam, a Korean artist. Inspired by her local jeweler in Seoul, she set out to create a full minimalist gold jewelry experience for the jewelry lover.

This must among minimalist jewelry brands will turn 10 years old next years. After all this time, it keeps inspiring and empowering day after day. Pippa Middleton is one of the it-girls who wear the beautiful, striking brand.

The first stores opened in Bond Street, Shoreditch, and Covent Garden in London. Now, Astrid & Miyu is working on spreading out the word outside of the city. It’s booming, and it’s highly understandable why it is gathering so much success.

2. Prya

Photo: Prya

If you like minimalist jewelry Amazon, but would like something a bit more high quality, Prya is one of the brands you should keep an eye on. This little guide is not a minimalist jewelry review, but I can tell you that Prya offers some very cute designs.

To offer the highest quality fashionable pieces at affordable prices. That’s the goal of that minimalist jewelry earrings, chains, and rings brand. The prices are set around £15 to £30 roughly, which makes Prya one of the coolest minimalist accessories brand to offer. Or to treat yourself to.

3. Affordable Minimalist Jewelry Brands: Moxi By Mimi

10 Cutest Affordable Minimalist Jewelry Brands - Maya Magal, Ana Luisa...
Photo: Moxi by Mimi

Okay, I would have loved to write only about rose gold minimalist jewelry collection brands, but no. I love arts, and I love boho minimalist jewelry. Still, I had to include one of those brands that really make your heartbeat. Moxi by Mimi is a brand created in 2020 and lies on the creative, slightly weird side of things.

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No minimalist jewelry rings here – exit simple simplicity, and enter minimalist acrylic earrings. The status of wearable art is what sparks the interest of Moxi by Mimi customers. All of the earrings are either 100% recycled or partially recycled and 100% recyclable. Plus, they’re all made to order, which makes the brand’s waste impact… 0.

4. Affordable Minimalist Jewelry Brands: Maya Magal London

10 Cutest Affordable Minimalist Jewelry Brands - Maya Magal, Ana Luisa...
Photo: Coal Drops Yard

When it comes to minimalist jewelry brands, we all have our favorites. Even if you’re not that much into necklaces and rings, minimalist gold jewelry must have caught your eye somewhere, one way or another. A must have jewelry brand to slide into the cutest minimalist jewelry box is Maya Magal.

Handcrafted in London with birthstones, mixed metals, and the most awesome vision, this is one brand to keep an eye on. I don’t wear that much jewelry, but when I do, I like to have rose gold minimalist jewelry, or silver – silver is my favorite. It’s just an easy color to wear, and the slightly askew designs of the Maya Magal jewelers are everything the chic weirdo in me could ask for.

5. Daisy Jewellery London

Photo: Professional Jeweller

I already mentioned the fact that minimalist jewelry Amazon is cute, but I don’t think the great designs are the best quality. Although at some point, it would not have come to mind to read a minimalist jewelry review before purchasing a piece, I am now more focused on quality.

If you want minimalist jewelry earrings or cute stackable chains, Daisy Jewellery London is a cool, feminine jewelry brand for you. It was created in 2009 in the ultra-fashionable Portobello Road, and since then has made cool girls’ hearts beat.

There are different ranges of prices – under £50, under £100, under £250, and you can find some even cheaper designs. “For the dreamers, a story full of meaning that never ends” – that’s the motto of this brand who aims at creating pieces missing from their own jewelry collections, and putting them into yours.

6. German Affordable Minimalist Jewelry Brands: Wald Berlin

10 Cutest Affordable Minimalist Jewelry Brands - Maya Magal, Ana Luisa...
Photo: Yay Germany

WALD Berlin is one of the German jewelry brands you should keep an eye on if you are into sustainable, fair-trade fashion brands. More and more affordable minimalist jewelry brands work on ethical designs and a sustainable way of creating. Not only does WALD take its roots in the core of the fashion industry by stemming from the minds of a stylist and a model duo, but they’re simplistic and avant-garde at the same time.

All the rose gold minimalist jewelry in the world is not enough if you don’t find a way to give back to the community in 2021. Since the brand’s creation almost ten years ago in Berlin as a concept store, WALD has worked on empowering women and the environment. All the silver and gold used is recycled, and any leftover materials are reused in one way or another. All the more exciting when you see just how stunning the WALD designs are.

7. Mejuri: The Everyday Fine Jewelry Brand

10 Cutest Affordable Minimalist Jewelry Brands - Maya Magal, Ana Luisa...
Photo: Facebook

Mejuri’s minimalist jewelry collection lies on fine designs, the core of the brand’s ideas since 2016. If you’re looking for boho minimalist jewelry, this fine jewelry brand offers some simple Zodiac designs, as well as thin everyday styles. Mejuri is conceived for the woman who wants to feel a bit more elevated while wearing beautiful classics.

The line of minimalist jewelry rings is particularly successful, and the Mejuri collections often sell out within a few hours. It’s one of the higher-end affordable brands I’m showing you here – you can find designs well under $100, and some more uppity styles that rack up to several hundred dollars. Certainly, pieces to hold on to for years on end.

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8. Spanish Affordable Minimalist Jewelry Brands: Ale Y Ole

Photo: Spicy Roses

You already know my opinion about minimalist jewelry Amazon – nice designs, not too sure about the quality. One brand I’m sure of though, and one of the coolest Spanish jewelry brands today is Ale y Olé. Founded back in 2014 in Barcelona, Ale y Olé focuses on minimalist jewelry earrings, rings, and necklaces that elevate any outfit delicately.

This here is not a minimalist jewelry review. Still, if I had to recommend some of the most delish feminine jewelry, that’s one of the affordable accessories brands I’d turn to straight away. If you’re looking for a daily dose of luxury, there you have it.

9. PD Paola

10 Cutest Affordable Minimalist Jewelry Brands - Maya Magal, Ana Luisa...
Photo: Ragusa News

Cute minimalist jewelry earrings, necklaces, and rings are pretty easy to find nowadays. However, not many are artistic creations of affordable minimalist jewelry brands. Back in 2014, siblings, Paola and Humbert created PDPaola, a jewelry brand that would echo the modern woman’s mindset.

That’s a brand to look out for. Every year, 11 collections of demi-fine jewelry are released for the style-conscious, independent soul. I have to admit that I always feel like stacking minimalist jewelry. I love simple styles, but I also love looking rebellious and out there. PD Paola makes it possible with its effortlessly cool designs, and it’s certainly much more attractive than minimalist jewelry Amazon.

10. Affordable Minimalist Jewelry Brands: Ana Luisa

I’ve kept the best for last – the Ana Luisa minimalist jewelry collection is one of my favorite collections on Earth. I’m quite difficult when it comes to selecting nice pieces. Just because I want to purchase boho minimalist jewelry does not mean I will buy just anything.

I want my minimalist jewelry rings to protect the planet, and I want to be able to keep my designs for years. Jewelry has really got something on me. I’ve always loved carrying cute details in my outfits. Ana Luisa, with its fair prices and ethical production process, is one of the best brands to bet on right now. “Bringing joy and inspiring impact” – now that’s a motto every jewelry brand should abide by.

11. Minimalist Jewelry Box

It’s not enough to buy from the best minimalist jewelry brands. Even if you only spend a few dozen dollars on cool minimalist gold jewelry, you’ll still need to protect it. Jewelry should be cared for, wiped clean with a clean cloth, and at times a protective cleaning product.

Getting yourself a cute minimalist jewelry box will help keep your luxurious items in great condition longer. A lot of must have jewelry brand options do offer jewelry boxes to purchase. I, for one, am pretty stuck on these shiny ones by Monica Vinader right now. Take a look around the internet; there are many great choices. The goal is simply to care for jewelry that is dear to your heart.

10 Affordable Minimalist Jewelry Brands

Now that’s my selection of affordable minimalist jewelry brands. Gold, rose gold, silver – all those brands have their own specific personality and impact on the planet. You can build yourself a cute minimalist jewelry collection little by little. One month, you can get some minimalist jewelry rings from PDPaola, and the next, feminine boho minimalist jewelry from Ana Luisa.

One piece of advice: stack, stack, stack. That’s one of the coolest things you can do when you get simple jewelry pieces for yourself. Create your own style, while building memories of elegance and quality, at an amazing price. If, on the other hand, you’re more of a colorful jewelry kind of gal, I’ve got you. Get to know the most mouthwatering designs in color, and off you go on your quest to incredible style!

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