10 Best Colorful Jewelry Brands

I believe that colorful jewelry brands boast a presence and a personality that none other enjoys. The best jewelry brands can use as much gold and platinum as they want, but fun-shaped gemstones make my day. As much as I love wearing minimalist rings and earrings in my day-to-day life, ethical jewelry brands that have this little “je ne sais quoi” are my go-to. When I am wondering “What color jewelry should I wear?” to complement a beautiful outfit, I know the best thing is a pop of color.

Our 10 favorite jewelry brands: Colorful

I have looked around my stash to try and understand what jewelry brand names I wear that feature big pops of color. Colorful jewelry brands are very much in right now. Minimalist is – ahem – overrated, in my opinion. The best jewelry brands are able to release sleek, minimalist designs. Designs that you almost don’t notice on someone’s wrist or dangling from their ears. But as far as I am concerned, the best jewelry brands are also able to release big colorful jewelry. That’s why I have put together this article – for you to find out what are the in colorful jewelry brands right now. Without further ado, dive into a world of color!

1. Yaa Yaa London: Colorful Gemstone Jewelry

10 Best Colorful Jewelry Brands - Ethical, Sustainable, Gemstone and Precious materials
Photo: Yaa Yaa London

As far as colorful jewelry brands go, YAA YAA LONDON has got to be my favorite. It is one of the ethical jewelry brands present on the market right now. The brand, created by founder Yvonne Asaré, featured colored stone jewelry and overall big colorful jewelry.

If you are ever wondering “What color jewelry goes with green dress?” or “What color jewelry goes with navy blue dress?”, just know one thing. YAA YAA LONDON is your one-stop shop. Not only do the pieces capture the beauty of semi-precious gemstones, but some make up stunning color changing jewelry. I think it’s one of the best jewelry brands around, because YAA YAA LONDON has an avant-garde vision melted within luxury.

2. Fabergé: Colorful Luxury Jewelry

Split Image – left side: Mario Testino shoots his first campaign for Fabergé starring the Russian-                  Lithuanian model Bee Gee .
Photo: Fabergé

Fabergé is one of the best colorful jewelry brands in the world. Gustav Faberge (without the accent) founded the colorful jewelry brand in Saint Petersburg in 1842. This means that in about 20 years, the colored stone jewelry brand will celebrate 200 years of existence. The firm is famous for its Fabergé eggs, which the family designed and encrusted with the most precious jewels for Russian Tsars. At the end of the 19th Century and at the beginning of the 20th Century, the firm designed a complete line of 50 Imperial Eggs that are still famous around the world today.

If you wonder what color jewelry goes with green dress, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Roughly any of the Fabergé stunning pieces go with a classy – and even a laidback dress for some avant-garde fashion style. I’d even wear a mega ring from Fabergé with a two-piece sweatpant and crop top with a pair of white Alexander McQueen sneakers, for the contrast.

3. Pomellato

10 Best Colorful Jewelry Brands - Ethical, Sustainable, Gemstone and Precious materials
Photo: Pomellato

Pomellato is one of the most famous colorful jewelry brands in Italy, and in the world since 1967. Today, the colorful jewelry brand ranks among the five best-selling European jewelry brands. When Pino Rabolini founded Pomellato, the idea behind the brand was to introduce prêt-à-porter jewelry to the world.

Until then, jewelry was a symbol of status and riches, and we can thank him for his way of liberating women’s fashion. The precious materials and gemstones use make some of his pieces delicate and bold color changing jewelry. What color jewelry goes with green dress? With Pomellato’s whimsical creations – any color.

In 2017, Pomellato created a campaign called #PomellatoForWomen, celebrating not only its 50th anniversary as a successful company but feminine leadership. The campaign featured women from all backgrounds, ages, and disciplines to encompass the all beauty and strength of women.

4. Roxanne Assoulin: Colorful Beaded Jewelry

10 Best Colorful Jewelry Brands - Ethical, Sustainable, Gemstone and Precious materials
Photo: Roxanne Assoulin

Roxanne Assoulin is one of the jewelry brand names you need to keep an eye on. The tiny beaded bracelets and geometrical pieces are meant to stack on top of one another, thus creating big colorful jewelry. The designer took her inspiration from elementary school friendship bracelets we used to exchange as kids. The bracelets feature enamel tiles that are perfectly cut in colors of metallic, pastel, and bold color schemes.

Roxanne Assoulin regularly holds events where you can join and become a jewelry designer for a few hours, and create your own childhood reminder. How about wearing a full stack with an all-white or monochrome neutral outfit and nude glossy lip?

5. Gucci

Photo: Gucci Jewelry

Gucci is not only a great couture designer but also one of the main jewelry brand names in the world. Who knew that they created stunning, big colorful jewelry? Some of the pieces feature colored stone jewelry, as well as animal heads and flowers.

Gucci has reinvented the definition of luxury, blending it with contemporary and progressive styles. This year, the luxury Maison celebrates its 100th anniversary, and no piece lacks elegance and boldness. These are truly jewelry items that can be worn with an all-biker kind of outfit and platform Buffalo shoes.

6. Suzanne Kalan

10 Best Colorful Jewelry Brands - Ethical, Sustainable, Gemstone and Precious materials
Photo: Browns Fashion

What color jewelry goes with navy blue dress? Why not a Suzanne Kalan multicolored ring? Who really wants to choose, after all, when you can wear pieces designed in multiple jewelry colors and materials? The designer’s fine jewelry line has been a banger since 1988, and the beautiful colors of gold jewelry are all handmade in the USA. It’s just one of the finest colorful jewelry brands around right now.

The two most famous collections are called Firework and Starbust, and they featured many baguette-cut gemstones stacked next to one another. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and diamonds are all part of the beautiful jewelry’s compositions – breathtaking.

7. Bulgari: Colorful Luxury Jewelry

Photo: Bulgari

The best jewelry brands include Bulgari and its stunning color changing jewelry. For the Italian brand born in 1884, even a lot is not enough. The jewelry colors are bold, and the designs are often Baroque-inspired. The colorful jewelry brand focuses on detailed pieces with religious, decorative designs. That’s there a reminder of when art was made for art’s sake – with boldness and detail at the core of the jewelry. If you are wondering what color jewelry goes with navy blue dress, then any piece from the Bulgari Barocko collection would be a perfect stunner.

Among the most famous pieces of the brand, we can find the Rosso Caravaggio pendant: it took about 1.500 hours to complete and features a 10-carat ruby cut in a cushion shape. The interesting thing is that you can repurpose the necklace to make it less out there, and more wearable on a day-to-day basis.

8. Petit Moments

10 Best Colorful Jewelry Brands - Ethical, Sustainable, Gemstone and Precious materials
Photo: Shopstyle

Petits Moments is one of the cutest colorful jewelry brands around. It is described as “an emerging woman-owned brand” and its headquarters are in sunny Los Angeles, California. The main selling point of Petits Moments, one of the coolest ethical jewelry brands, is that anyone should be able to express their individuality without a hurtful price tag. In this brand, if you are wondering what color jewelry goes with navy blue dress, you’ll be stunned to find endless colorful options.

The ethical jewelry brand focuses on environmentally-conscious initiatives to help the planet while being super fashionable. Sustainable and classy, what more could you ask for?

9. Vinty Jewelry

Photo: Vinty Jewelry

If Vinty Jewelry is not one of the best jewelry brands around, we don’t know who could be. The brand emerged back in 2017, a mere 4 years ago. It clearly takes its inspiration from the fashion and cultural decades of the past century. The colors of gold jewelry are delicate, and the designs are dreamy. How beautiful is this boat and cut-out wave mounted on a chain?

The colorful jewelry brand is much tamer than other brands I’ve mentioned here, and the vintage inspirations are truly there. The great thing with Vinty Jewelry is that you can enjoy the charm of the vintage. However, at the same time, it looks super modern, chic, and cute.

10. Chrisha Jewelry: Colorful Gemstone Jewelry

10 Best Colorful Jewelry Brands - Ethical, Sustainable, Gemstone and Precious materials
Photo: Chrisha Jewellery

Chrisha Jewelry is one of the best jewelry brands around. Despite the existence of so many beautiful colorful jewelry brands on the market, the colors of gold jewelry of Chrisha’s pieces are stunning. The brand launched in 1997 and has since then sourced the finest materials from all over the world, including gemstones from Brazil, South America, and Thailand. These are beautiful pieces that you can truly wear with anything, from a laidback pair of jeans to a high-end flowy dress!

Wrapping Up the 10 best colorful jewelry brands

This list of colorful jewelry brands encompasses the best jewelry brands. Those ones know what it takes to put out color into the world. From the finest gemstones to costume jewelry, we’ve got only the best here. I, for one, am absolutely crazy about colorful gemstones. In the case that you’re wondering “What color jewelry should I wear?”, I would say: just go all out. After all, why not? The team has also written this amazing post about the Chiara Ferragni empire – if you’re into successful empires, you should really take a look!

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