10 Best Christmas Jewelry Brands To Offer This Holiday Season

Choosing Christmas jewelry can be a bit of a challenge. There are so many brands popping up every day, all with their own personality. How do you choose jewelry Christmas gifts with so many personalities and designs? Tricky one. I’m a jewelry addict. I’ve always been passionate about gemstone jewelry and colorful jewelry brands.

I’ve already written quite a few posts about jewelry, precious stones, and styling. My life revolves around color and aesthetics, and I can’t get over the precision and craft required for one piece of jewelry. Fashion and jewelry are actually some of the very fields that prove again and again that quality takes time. If you’re looking for jewelry for girlfriend Christmas, you’ve come to the right spot. Let me break down for you some cool brands that you can even gift your mom or a close friend.

10 Best Christmas Jewelry Brands To Gift This Holiday Season

I’ve listed down below my favorite jewelry brands for Christmas – however, I’d personally wear all those cute brands all year round. Jewelry is an important part of my life. Indeed, I feel powerful and centered when I’m wearing my favorite rings. Keep reading to find the best jewelry for wife Christmas, for your aunt, cousin, friend, or girlfriend!

1. Jewelry For Girlfriend Christmas: Lingua Negra

The best jewelry Christmas gifts to me always come in an independent brand jewelry box. I like wearing designs that are out of the box. I like finding the designer that really pours out their own vision of life into their jewelry, whether we’re talking fine jewelry brands or more affordable options.

Lingua Negra is a Chicago-based jewelry brand that plays on the delicate craft of jewels intertwined with bold designs. After a degree at the New York Fashion Institute of Technology, founder Alicia Goodwin fell in love with metalworks. She uses specific techniques like acid etching and metal reticulation which give unpredictable jewels.

“The final result is metal with a mix of textures based on time and chance”, which shows that taking risks and blending in an unapologetic way create immense results and the apex of art.

2. Eva Elliott

Eva Elliott creates intense designs that are perfect jewelry for wife Christmas. The materials the designer uses to put together intense jewelry are ethically minded and respectful of the environment. I personally think the porcelain, stoneware, and recycled silver designs are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

Purchasing from Eva Elliott means supporting a brand that is considerate of landfills and consumerism. Like many brands this past few years, Eva Elliott jewelry aims at providing a conscious way of thinking about jewelry. It’s not wholesale Christmas costume jewelry. It’s a brand that works small and thinks big – it’s a brand that targets the future.

3. Christmas Jewelry Ideas For Her: Yaa Yaa London

I’ve written about the Yaa Yaa London jewelry, story, and designs a while back, and I’m still as passionate about this jewelry brand as I was when I wrote the post. The full range of designs sets itself as the perfect jewelry Christmas gifts for anyone. The designs are bold – when I say anyone, I mean anyone willing to get out of their comfort zone. Most importantly, anyone who loves showing off their personality through color.

Yaa Yaa London is the perfect brand of jewelry for girlfriend Christmas. The adjustable gemstone rings, the carefully thought necklaces, and earrings are so bright and bold that you’re sure to attract attention. That sums up Yaa Yaa London pretty well. If you want designs even more elevated, check out the YYL LUXE jewelry range – my personal favorite out of all the designs is the Yaa Yaa Labradorite ring. A stunner.

4. Christmas Jewelry Ideas For Her: Amy Eira Jewellery

Far from being a wholesale Christmas costume jewelry brand, Amy Eira Jewellery is the very example of what putting no limits to your creativity does. Amy Eira is a jewelry designer based in London who lets her creative powers take over when she sits down to create jewelry. Her designs are pure and simple, and if you’re looking for jewelry for wife Christmas, that’s definitely one brand to check out ASAP.

Most of the Aimy Eira jewelry designs rely on an array of smart techniques and strong basics. If your beloved is pretty shy, you will find not-too-out-there jewelry that’s sure to please. Sometimes, one-off pieces are made because the jewelry designer has only one gemstone. That’s a sure way to wear limited edition with a true background, and what makes the Aimy Eira jewelry brand so attractive.

5. July Child Jewellery

10 Beautiful Christmas Jewelry Brands To Offer This Holiday Season - Independent Jewellery Brands To Gift - The Fashion Fabrique
Photo: July Child

Who said jewelry Christmas gifts had to be all serious and austere? I surely didn’t. So here we go with the July Child brand – perfect jewelry for girlfriend Christmas. The brand was born in 2017 – four years later, their website hosts some of the best underground jewelry brands in the world along with Daughter by July Child, their own brand.

Made in small batches with recyclable packaging, July Child is an environment-friendly jewelry brand. Its designs are reminders of the pop 90s and 00s fashion – think Mean Girls. Elle, Cosmo, and Harper’s Bazaar have all highlighted the July Child jewelry brand. How could they not? If you’re a pop culture slash crop top slash wide pants lover, I’m pretty sure it’s a brand for you.

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6. Christmas jewelry ideas for her: La Kaiser

10 Beautiful Christmas Jewelry Brands To Offer This Holiday Season - Independent Jewellery Brands To Gift - The Fashion Fabrique
Photo: Moondance Jewelry

Once again, far from a wholesale Christmas costume jewelry brand. Cindy Kaiser is a jewelry designer who encompasses the meaning of “multicultural” in her own way. Born in Switzerland, raised in Zimbabwe, and now living the American Dream in Chicago, Cindy Kaiser designs soft and minimalist jewelry.

She takes inspiration from her travels and colorful life to draw up jewelry that you can wear day in, day out. It really is up to you to decide whether to make those pieces of occasional jewelry, or an everyday friend. That’s the perfect jewelry for wife Christmas if she likes discrete designs and neutral fashion style.

7. Christmas Jewelry Ideas For Her: Bulgari

10 Beautiful Christmas Jewelry Brands To Offer This Holiday Season - Independent Jewellery Brands To Gift - The Fashion Fabrique
Photo: 2Luxury2

A Bulgari piece must be one of the greatest Christmas gifts you can get someone. That’s the kind of jewelry you get someone extravagant and sure of themselves.

Bulgari often uses inspiration from the past decade to create. Colors are stacked one upon the other, in rows of splashes of excellence. The 1884-born brand was founded in Rome by Sotirio Bulgari and it’s proof that patience, once again, and hard work can bring you up higher than you ever thought possible. If the person you wish to offer Bulgari jewelry has great self-confidence, you’re sure to hit home.

8. Christmas Jewelry Ideas For Her: 8 Other Reasons

8 Other Reasons is a very underrated jewelry brand if you’d like my opinion. It was launched in 2010 and I discovered it just some time ago. I immediately fell in love with the eclectic designs and the vision behind the brand.

We empower the lovers, the dreamers and the storytellers with their very own accessorised reasons, that help express the daring dazzle when you’re here to tell the world you’re made of woman.

8 Other Reasons’ core values lie in design, quality, and affordability. It’s all about freedom, expression, and bending the rules of art. I love when jewelry designers mix various materials between themselves, and something ordinarily extraordinary gets out of their minds.

9. Christmas jewelry ideas for her: Cara Tonkin

Cara Tonkin’s designs are the perfect jewelry Christmas gifts for one that loves Art Deco jewelry but isn’t too sure about owning vintage designs. I love to learn about the history of jewelry and all the amazing techniques invented and refined to offer the world timeless pieces.

If you’re looking for minimalist yet impressive jewelry for girlfriend Christmas, I think Cara Tonkin’s playful touch can be an interesting fight. Textures and a high level of craftsmanship mix and morph into carefully made jewels. Myths, nature, art history, and architecture interlock into jewelry that follows the movement of the body. Cara Tonking jewelry is definitely a brand to look out for this Christmas.

10. Peculiar Vintage

Peculiar Vintage is a pretty amazing brand of jewelry for wife Christmas. I think it’s one of the easiest yet most impressive brand to wear out of all. We’re not talking wholesale Christmas costume jewelry here – we’re talking small batches of delish bespoke jewelry. Affordable fine jewelry is what founder Stef Warde focuses on in her Brighton studio.

Counter cultures and rebellion set the pace when Stef Warde creates her Peculiar Vintage jewelry designs. It’s luxe and minimalist, out there and so wearable at the same time. Perfect jewelry for Christmas presents for a person who likes the edgy side of life.

10 Best Christmas Jewelry Brands To Gift This Holiday Season

There you have all my best Christmas jewelry ideas for her, so all that’s left to do is choose. That’s the most exciting thing to do – choose a design (or designs) that are meant to be special. I love receiving jewelry, much like any other woman. I like when the occasion is grand, like a birthday or Christmas. If you’d like to look up a few more amazing colorful jewelry brands, here are some other great names that are sure to please!

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