Yaa Yaa London: The It-Colorful Gemstone Jewelry Brand

I love Yaa Yaa London. The colorful gemstone jewelry brand is one of the best British accessories brands in my eyes. I have started working with Yaa Yaa London at the beginning of the year. The collaboration with the jewelry designer, who uses beautiful precious stones name, has proven one of the most fruitful I have ever cultivated.

It felt important to play a part in putting forward the brands of accessories London. By now, you probably already know I am all about gemstones. Even if it’s not a London custom jewelry brand, it feels like each item you receive was custom-made for your own personality. Finding London blue topaz jewelry – or agate gemstones, or avant-garde jewelry styles, learning about the different types of gems… I feel alive in unveiling the secrets of precious stones.

As I was looking for jewelry stores in London once, I came across the stunning brand – the colorful valuable rocks and stones got me head over heels from the get-go. You can often find jewelry in designer home accessories London stores. Yet, nothing compares to this gemstone jewelry brand.

Yaa Yaa London: Colorful Gemstone Jewelry & Accessories London Brand

Photo: Yaa Yaa London

Yaa Yaa London is all about gemstones that are big, bright, and bold. The gemstone jewelry designer behind the brand, Yvonne Asaré, designs every piece according to motivational concepts and love. As a result, we can find handmade gemstone jewelry collections bearing names like “Motivation”, “Determination”, or “My First Love”.

The desire to create one of the greatest jewelry stores in London stemmed from the thrill of “making things look stylish and well-put-together”. A legal career just did not do it anymore, and after studying Makeup Artistry and Beauty, the jewelry designer found herself in semi-precious gemstone jewelry. At the core of the brand, the natural, unique beauty of each bright stone.

In the designer’s words:

“People often say that they “love the name” of my business and ask where it comes from: YAA YAA is a Ghanaian name, and my initials are YAA – having grown up in London and being based in London, the pairing of the two names was an obvious choice and something close to my heart.”

One of the top luxury British accessories brands, Yaa Yaa London does not focus that much on gemstone meanings or on offering London custom jewelry. Instead, the designer brings to life the fanciest gemstone bracelets and accessories London. If you’re looking for specific London blue topaz jewelry, that’s not the place. However, if you’re looking for natural, bright blue gemstone jewelry, then Yaa Yaa London has what you need. The types of gems used are semi-precious and include chalcedony, solar quartz, or the fabulously versatile agate gemstone.

Among The Best British Accessories Brands

Yaa Yaa London: The It-Colorful Gemstone Jewelry Brand
Photo: Yaa Yaa London

I’ve never felt as attracted to jewelry stores in London as when I made writing my full-time career and left makeup aside. Yaa Yaa was one of the valuable rocks and stones brands that gave me the will to learn more about jewelry and make it one of my specialties.

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There are so many designer home accessories London, and so many London custom jewelry brands. Still, I feel like we’ve lost the essence of brands that once offered you something truly unique. Designs in jewelry stores in London – in the entire world, I may add – end up all looking the same.

Rubies, emeralds, and diamonds are stunning and priceless. But types of gems like the ones that Yaa Yaa uses are harder to come by, and impossible to find in the shapes that the London jewelry designer offers.

Seeing as the Yaa Yaa range was garnering more and more success, the designer has developed a premium collection, called YYL LUXE. In both, the designs are handmade for the brand by a close-knit team of artisans and designed in the UK.

The difference between the two ranges seemingly lies in the precious metals used. In the Yaa Yaa collection, silver-plated and gold-plated brass and silver star with the most beautiful pendants and gemstones. In the YYL LUXE collection, the designer has infused the essence of luxury. Designed for customers who want to purchase something a bit more special, the colorful stones are set in gold vermeil, 22K rose gold and 925 sterling silver.

The Show-Stopper Gemstone Jewelry Designs

Yaa Yaa London: The It-Colorful Gemstone Jewelry Brand
Photo: Yaa Yaa London

The brand’s gemstone bracelets are some of the best you can find from jewelry stores in London. However, the rings are the real show-stopper. The ‘Mega’ ring range (pictured above) is designed in a wide array of colors. Indeed, you can find any color from black, to magenta, white, and cobalt blue among other breathtaking colors.

The agate gemstone is one of the unique semi-precious stones that the designer uses throughout her collections. The stone comes in many beautiful colors, and so happens to be her first love. As such, most of her designs are all about agate colors that catch the eye. You only need to take a look at the gemstone descriptions to feel the irresistible pull of the brand of accessories London.

We’re not onto London blue topaz jewelry, nor onto London custom jewelry. In the Yaa Yaa case, the designer proves that bright and bold win the race. With designs mentioned in none other than Forbes and Good Housekeeping, it is no wonder why designer home accessories London wins it all.

An Avant-Garde Vision of Jewelry

Yaa Yaa London: The It-Colorful Gemstone Jewelry Brand
Photo: Yaa Yaa London

I am very much about bringing to life concepts like happiness, love, and motivation. All those values are infused in Yaa Yaa London’s gemstone bracelets. That’s why they’re so easy to love from my point of view. Even if you’re a shy person. Most British accessories brands seem to overlook introverted people, but you can find your personal token in the avant-garde range of Yaa Yaa accessories London.

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It’s not London blue topaz jewelry. It’s all about gemstone rings, necklaces, and bracelets that hug the body and make you look edgy. The brand is to celebrate its 4th anniversary in October. The sense of community is so strong that Yaa Yaa communicates regularly with their fanbase on social media. Yaa Yaa is the very example that working hard for your dreams pays off. The designer’s journey, at least, is paved with colorful collections. What’s great is that they all feature a lovelier meaning than the last.

Wrapping Up The It-Colorful Gemstone Jewelry Brand

Yaa Yaa London: The It-Colorful Gemstone Jewelry Brand
Photo: Yaa Yaa London

We’ve established the authority of Yaa Yaa as one of the best jewelry stores in London. With pop-ups and a smashing presence in many British accessories brands stores, the jewelry designer is here to stay.

I feel strongly about London custom jewelry. However, I feel even stronger for brands that have a real story backing them up. Sturdy, luxurious with an affordable price point, Yaa Yaa London is the best bet you can place this year. If you want to discover some pretty amazing luxury cosmetics and makeup products, check out our guide. You’ll be able to make up a strong lady boss outfit in no time!

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Article by Ibtissam el Azami

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