Luxury Brands – Cartier, the King of Diamond Jewelry

I love diamonds, and as any jewelry lover, I love the Cartier brand. If you’ve read my article about the most luxurious jewelry brands in the world, you’ve seen my overview of the Cartier brand identity. I’ve decided to write a full feature of the brand to answer one question once and for all: “Is Cartier a good brand?”.

It’s important to know about jewelry, in my opinion. Fashion gives you so much more confidence than you’d ever dreamed. You should never judge a person by their looks. Still, you can judge their taste by the fact they’re wearing a Cartier diamond band or Cartier diamond stud earrings. So read on to know all about one of the most famous luxury jewelry brands in the world

The Cartier Brand: Dream Watches, Diamond Jewelry and Sunglasses

Cartier diamond earrings. Fabulous Cartier diamond engagement rings. Exquisite Cartier diamond sunglasses. There’s a pattern here, don’t you think? I love diamonds as much as the next girl. Aren’t they a girl’s best friend, after all? That’s why I’ve chosen to write this full feature about the Cartier brand.

This is a very old brand that was established in the midst of the 19th Century. Over the decades, the Maison has launched many successful items. You might already know the Cartier Love necklace diamonds, or the famous Cartier diamond band designs. They’re timeless jewels that you can wear every day, or keep for great occasions. In any case, Cartier women’s diamond watches are also one of the jewelry pieces you should keep an eye on.

Always keep in mind that jewelry gets more valuable as time passes. As such, a Cartier diamond band that you buy today might increase in value within ten years. Still, you need to make the investment and keep the jewel in excellent condition. Exceptional quality in their jewelry, sunglasses, and watches, the House of Cartier is one of the jewelry labels you don’t want to miss out on.

1. The Birth of the Cartier Brand

Luxury Brands: Cartier Brand, the King of Diamond Jewelry
Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

The Cartier brand was established in 1847. Before creating the famous Cartier Love necklace diamonds and world-renowned Cartier diamond engagement rings, the house was already known for its exceptional treasures.

We mostly know the brand because of the Cartier diamond band and Cartier women’s diamond watches today. However, before this, the brand has served as the crown jeweler to 19 royal houses. I don’t know how many jewelers can say the same. In any case, if you’re ever looking for an exceptional engagement ring, that’s where you want to get it.

The prestigious brand was born to Louis-François Cartier, an apprentice jeweler who purchased his workshop in France from his own mentor. The prestigious quality and skill poured into each of the pendants and brooches Cartier produced helped him rise to fame quite quickly.

The first royal order to Cartier happened in 1856, with Princess Mathilde, Napoleon I’s niece, purchasing from Cartier. That’s a great reminder to never give up – it can sometimes take years before the business blows up.

In 1899, Louis-François handed over the business to his three sons, who worked on the jewelry designs tirelessly. Cartier has created some really amazing designs and still offers the world some psychedelic luxury jewels that you can never tire of. One fun fact to remember is that Cartier once owned one of the most famous diamonds in the world, the deep blue Hope Diamond.

The Cartier Brand Logo

The first Cartier logo was designed by Pierre Cartier, the founder’s grandson in 1900. It was introduced the same year at the World Exhibition in Paris and officially registered only ten years later. 150 years later, it is still the same logo that Cartier uses on their products like the Cartier Love necklace diamonds; an elegant, calligraphy-type logo.

The logo symbolizes elegance, purity, and prestige, like the Cartier diamond earrings and Cartier diamond sunglasses have proven over and over again.

2. What makes the Cartier brand so famous and unique?

Luxury Brands: Cartier Brand, the King of Diamond Jewelry
Photo: Vogue

Several features of the Cartier brand make it one of the best luxury jewelry brands. Is Cartier a good brand? According to the fact that it was appointed official purveyor to King Edward VII of the United Kingdom and the Tsar Nicholas II of Russia only a few decades after being founded, I’d say yes. Even Kate Middleton has been spotted with Cartier jewels.

The Cartier brand identity lies in sophistication and luxury. Whether you get a Cartier diamond band of the famous Cartier Love necklace diamonds, you’ll understand the buzz when you wear your first Cartier diamonds.

Cartier uses only the highest-quality gemstones. I’ve broken down the grading process of a gemstone in my Cardinal gemstone article. You’re welcome to have a read if you want to understand why Cartier diamond earrings and Cartier diamond engagement rings rank so high in the luxury jewelry world.

3. An Overview of Cartier Jewelry: Diamond Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, and Watches

Photo: WhoWhatWear

It can be a bit overwhelming to understand why Cartier women’s diamond watches and Cartier glasses with diamonds are so famous. Old luxury fashion houses have this thing – they still carry the scent of traditional skill.

You can take anything from the Cartier brand – a Cartier diamond ring, Cartier diamond sunglasses, or a Cartier diamond bracelet. The quality is constant. The skill is constant, and that is why some of the jewels are iconic pieces.

One of the most famous pieces from the brand is the Cartier Love necklace diamonds. The Cartier diamond band is smooth and was originally designed in 1969. Fun fact about this collection – it was inspired by the chastity belt. Not only inspired, actually. If you’re wondering: “Is Cartier a good brand?”, I’ll answer that way: if you want to put on and take off this bracelet, you have to use a screwdriver. Of course, the matching screwdriver is sold with the bracelet.

This just goes to show that the Cartier brand identity is simply amazing. When you finally set your heart on a Cartier diamond watch or your favorite Cartier diamond stud earrings, you know you’re buying a piece of history and personality. Like a designer mini bag, for instance.

4. Overview of the Cartier Brand Identity

Luxury Brands: Cartier Brand, the King of Diamond Jewelry
Photo: Lifestyle Asi

The Cartier brand means business, and above all, it means luxurious elegance. Since 1847, their designs in Cartier women’s diamond watches and Cartier diamond ring models have conquered the whole world.

Never imitate, always innovate. That is still the same motto as it was in 1847. The styles of Cartier diamond sunglasses or Cartier diamond necklace designs might chance, but this core value doesn’t. Oftentimes, Cartier dives into the extravagant to offer the best that the supernatural fashion world has to offer. A Cartier diamond watch, for instance, is an item that does not undergo that many changes.

You can find the Ballon Bleu Cartier diamond watch mens in various colors, but it’s not that extravagant in the end. The same thing goes with the Cartier women’s diamond watches. They’re kept pretty simple, luxurious, and sophisticated.

At times, however, the brand goes all out on new collections. The Tutti Frutti jewelry that Cartier launched at the apex of the Art Deco movement shows that they’re not afraid of trying. Today, the most timeless pieces include the Cartier diamond engagement rings and the Cartier Love bracelet diamonds. Those are pretty sleek collections meant to be worn and stacked every day.

But some designs, even if they’re pretty smooth as well, are still very extravagant – more than a Cartier diamond band, for instance. I’m thinking of the Taylor-Burton diamond necklace, which is one of the most famous diamond-based jewels today. Or the Panther brooch.

Or, the Clash de Cartier collection launched in 2019. The latter is one of the best collections launched by Cartier. I’d even go as far as saying that it is artistically much more interesting as classic Cartier Love necklace diamonds, or a simple Cartier diamond bracelet.

5. Cartier Sunglasses: The Ultimate Jewelry Glasses

Luxury Brands: Cartier Brand, the King of Diamond Jewelry
Photo: Cartier

Is Cartier a good brand? I think that we’ve proven so far that is it. The Cartier brand identity plays on luxury and sophistication, that’s a given. However, vibrant art seems to lie at the core of the brand.

If you take a Cartier diamond watch or a Cartier diamond ring, you’ll see that the quality is absolutely exceptional. All the creations feature noble materials worked and reworked to fit the luxury label standards.

I have chosen to tell you about the Cartier sunglasses for women in the model Trinity. The ultimate sunglasses feature the twisted interlocked rings of the Cartier Trinity. The same attention has been given to the sunglasses line as the brand has with the Cartier diamond bracelet models and Cartier diamond stud earrings. I love the consistency within a fashion or jewelry brand. Cartier just ticks all the boxes.

6. Cartier for Men: Jewelry, Watches, and Sunglasses

Photo: Mr. Porter

When it comes to men, Cartier focuses on watches and sunglasses mostly. The Cartier diamond watch mens models are varied and offered for many different types of occasions.

Cartier diamond engagement rings and Cartier diamond sunglasses may be reserved for women, but the watches… They’re just breathtaking. One of the most famous is the Ballon Bleu de Cartier – this model is actually unisex. This watch shows the Cartier brand identity – a breath of elegance, a dash of finesse.

The founder’s son, Alfred Cartier, was the first to convince him to develop wristwatches. What a great idea. Before creating the famous Cartier Love bracelet diamonds and all the exquisite Cartier diamond necklace models, there were watches. Pocket watches, wrists watches, pendulum clocks – from 1898, the Maison created the highest quality timepieces.

Just to let you know – the famous iconic Cartier watches like Santos and Tank are more than a century old!

7. The Cartier Brand: Watches and Wonders 2021 Collection

Photo: Cartier

If you’re still wondering “Is Cartier a good brand?”, I urge you to take a look at the Watches & Wonders collection. Watchmaking was always a core feature of Cartier since the founder himself was a watchmaker. As such, when you see a Cartier diamond watch mens or for women, you can understand the buzz.

In the new 2021 Watches & Wonders collection, you can totally feel the Cartier brand identity. The Maison has reworked several of their most famous watch designs: Tank Must, Cloche de Cartier, and Pasha de Cartier.

I find it very nice when a high-end jewelry brand reworks its models. It’s not always about tradition. Sure, I really enjoy the Cartier Love bracelet diamonds and the famous Cartier glasses with diamonds. But when the brand takes its best-selling pieces and amp them up, I find it very satisfying.

Above all, it goes to show that the brand knows the market, and knows what people like. If they reworked the Cartier Love ring diamond or their famous Taylor-Burton Cartier diamond necklace, I think I would be head over heels.

Wrapping Up The Cartier Brand: Cartier Women’s Diamond Watches, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, and Sunglasses

Luxury Brands: Cartier Brand, the King of Diamond Jewelry
Photo: Cartier

At the beginning of this article, I asked one question: “Is Cartier a good brand?”. We’ve broken down the brand into several pieces: Cartier Love bracelet diamonds, Cartier diamond necklace options, and the Cartier brand identity.

It is important that a fashion or jewelry brand remains as consistent as possible in its designs and quality. As you start offering innovative designs with the highest quality gemstones and metals, you build a reputation that lasts over time. That’s why the Cartier diamond band and the Cartier diamond watch are so famous around the world.

The brand still enjoys the quality and beauty of a skilled hand, and that’s really admirable. More and more, brands pop up and offer fashion and accessories for a fraction of the price. A Cartier diamond watch mens or a Cartier love ring diamond go to show that high quality has an honest price. From 1847 to today, Cartier is plainly here to stay.

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