Our 10 Favorite Chic and Elegant Jewelry Brands

Elegant jewelry brands are present all around us. The biggest brands, from Bulgari to Gucci and Prada all offer natural gemstone jewelry. I am rather crazy about everything related to jewelry and being able to share some of the most chic jewelry brands available on the market today is simply making me very happy to write. For once, I would like to avoid writing about the French luxury jewelry brands and famous Spanish jewelry brands. Rather, I would like to focus on the most underrated figures of the jewelry world.

In this article that I have designed as a list for you to read through it more easily, I will highlight some of the greatest destination jewelry brands. Some you might not even have heard of. And indeed, if you’ve never heard of Graff high jewelry, of a Mikimoto pearl ring, or of the tern costume jewelry, then by all means – read on!

Our 10 favorite jewelry brands: Chic and Elegant

Just so we’re clear: this is a real jewelry brands fight list that I’m offering you today. I might not be writing about German jewelry brands, but for sure I will tell you all about the most elegant jewelry brands around today. Maybe you came across this article because you were looking for pearls for jewelry making. In any case, read on: you’re about to discover some great pearl costume jewelry and the most exquisite gemstones and precious materials with me!

1. Jennifer Demoro: Colorful Elegance

Jennifer DeMoro is far from being one of the best French luxury jewelry brands. Actually, the brand’s headquarters are located in South California. Natural gemstone jewelry presents itself in touches of geometry and unapologetic, bold colors. The supreme brand jewelry takes its inspiration from the laid-back California of the 1970s and cool lifestyle.

Most importantly, the designer takes advantage of the transparent colors of precious stones like emerald, sapphires, and citrine to capture feelings and surrender to one of the most elegant jewelry brands the beauty of Californian sunsets.

Since 2017, Jennifer DeMoro creates unexpected Fine Jewellery for women who are strong, self-assured, and a tad bohemian. I must say those pieces look amazing for any kind of season and any kind of outfit!

2. Graff: The Gemstone Jewelry Mammoth

Photo: Graff

Graff high jewelry is one of the most chic jewelry brands available on the planet at this very moment. The supreme brand jewelry was first founded in 1960 by Laurence Graff. I can only say that this is a must have jewelry brand. When it comes to the most elegant jewelry brands, seeing just how famous diamonds have gone through Laurence Graff’s hands is enough to understand her status.

Natural gemstone jewelry uses only the best colored gemstones and the highest quality diamonds. That makes it easy to understand why the estimations for the Graff jewelry owner pieces skyrocket so much. If you take a look at the designers’ pieces, you will see a precise hand and a visionary eye. When it comes to cutting and selecting the best emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and diamonds, the Graff craft is second to none.

3. Mikimoto: Pearls and Designer Jewelry

Photo: Mikimoto

If I ever heard someone saying that a vintage Mikimoto pearl necklace did not have it place among the most chic jewelry brands, I would wonder if that person was right of mind. All I am saying is that a vintage Mikimoto pearl necklace or a Mikimoto pearl bracelet shows all that good taste means.

After all, it is one of the most chic jewelry brands today. Straight from Japan, it is adored all over the world. It is not your usual pearls for a jewelry-making kit. It is actually fine pearl costume jewelry that has been going on and on since 1893.

The brand owes its fame to the founder Kokichi Mikimoto who was the first to successfully create the world’s first cultured pearls. With their unparalleled artistry and aesthetic, Mikimoto is a must have jewelry brand in 2021. The designer cultivates pearls of all colors, and of course, the most elegant ones remain the white ones.

4. Ana Luisa: Minimalist and Elegant Jewelry

10 best chic and elegant jewelry brands, luxury gemstone gold, sustainable and ethical
Photo: Ana Luisa

Ana Luisa is acknowledged as one of the ultimate destination jewelry brands because of the clear, thoughtful designs that go into each and every piece. As per the brand, “Trends come and go, but quality remains and happens to be good for the environment.”

Ana Luisa is a sustainable and ethical jewelry brand with gemstones transparently sourced and recycled metals used where possible. I think the pieces from the brand are really something delicate, and that is what makes it a must-have jewelry brand. One of the most chic jewelry brands around, it takes inspiration from thoughtful and intuitive life pleasures.

5. SVNR: Beach-Inspired Jewelry

10 best chic and elegant jewelry brands, luxury gemstone gold, sustainable and ethical
Photo: SVNR

SVNR (pronounced Souvenir in French) might not be one of the most famous French luxury jewelry brands but the handmade gemstone jewelry is absolutely breathtaking. It is yet another sustainable jewelry brand that practices conscious consumption combined with collectors’ love of fashion.

All of the jewelry pieces from one of the most elegant jewelry brands are made from reused, upcycled, natural, and found materials. As such, it is very important for designer Christina Tung to cut back on waste with repurposed materials. Not only is SVNR an ethical jewelry brand, but its handmade gemstone jewelry is also one of the destination jewelry brands to keep an eye on this year.

In any case, handmade jewelry seems to be very much in the air these last few years and even jewelry brands from Italy make it point to create the finest handmade pieces!

6. Gorjana: Ultra-minimalist Jewelry

10 best chic and elegant jewelry brands, luxury gemstone gold, sustainable and ethical
Photo: Gorjana

If you are more into minimalist jewelry, then Gorjana is one of the elegant jewelry brands you might want to take a look at. The brand was founded in Laguna Beach, California. Its supreme brand jewelry has been going on since 2004 when couple Gorjana and Jason Griffin Reidel created the first pieces.

It is one of those Amazon-like success stories that are almost impossible to believe, since the initial orders of the brand from the couple’s apartment floor. Today, it is a multi-million dollar business and one of the best elegant jewelry brands. Gorjana is also an ethical jewelry brand since it gives back to the community with donations to several foundations and hospitals. I, for one, am in love with the minimalist designs of the jewelry brand since they are perfect for anyone who likes stacking up their jewelry.

7. Completedworks: Sculptural Jewelry Pieces

10 best chic and elegant jewelry brands, luxury gemstone gold, sustainable and ethical

Photo: Ignant

Completedworks are not a natural gemstone jewelry brand. It is, however, one of the most elegant jewelry brands versed in boldness and audacity. Most destination jewelry brands feature gemstones colors and precious metals. Completedworks is very much different in that they play on the complexity of the everyday with recycled materials for their jewelry and ceramics creations.

It is one of the most ethical chic jewelry brands today. Completedworks was born in London and focuses on one motto: reductionism. Completedworks prioritizes recycled materials, fairtrade gold, and mostly recycled or reclaimed silver with conflict-free diamonds. Their squished gold and bold designs are my favorite of the lot – you can’t get more elegant than that!

8. Best Elegant Jewelry Brands: Short and Suite

Photo: Uncover LA

Short and Suite is one of the hot-topic jewelry brands of 2021. We’ve noticed this year a recess from French, German, or Spanish jewelry brands. Instead, designers all over the world have popped up with chic jewelry brands inspired by the 90s and Korean jewelry trends.

Short and Suite is an affordable luxury jewelry brand, colorful, elegant, and chic. The great thing is that what we consider today one of the best elegant jewelry brands was launched only last year in the midst of the lockdown. The colors of the jewelry imagined by Reidie Macdonald are inspired by places she has traveled to or is planning, and the stunning materials are totally inspired by luxury.

9. Octave Jewelry: Nature and Elegance

If you’ve just come across this article while looking for pearls for jewelry making, stay for a bit. I will tell you all about Octave Jewelry. The pearl costume jewelry brand is inspired by the balance between short geometry and soft organic form.

The Brooklyn-based brand based uses raw stones that each tell a story. It is all about a balance between the infinite malleability of metal and the permanence of stone. In the end, the Octavia jewelry lines are all more elegant than the previous one, and an absolute relish for the eyes. That surely makes it one of the best elegant jewelry brands today!

10. Best Elegant Jewelry Brands: Demarson

Demarson is one of the hot topic jewelry brands of the year. The duo, made of Marcela Ponce and Jason Crantz, has built from scratch their luxury accessories and statement jewelry brand. Since 2017, the brand has been featured in the greatest publications such as Forbes Lifestyle, Harper’s Bazaar, WWD, and Vogue.

It is one of the destination jewelry brands today if you are looking for something bold yet super elevated. The supreme brand jewelry catches the attention straight away. For sure, you will wow the crowd with a pair of their pearl costume jewelry earrings!

Wrapping Up Our 10 Favorite jewelry brands: Chic and Elegant

So there you have them – the most elegant jewelry brands available in 2021. From this jewelry brands fight list, I would say that handmade gemstone jewelry obviously is the most stunning. We have seen that the hot topic jewelry brands today are those that focus on sustainability and an ethical way of designing, creating, and sourcing their prime and materials.

As you might have seen, we have not been talking about famous Spanish jewelry brands. Still, all the mentioned chic jewelry brands offer stunning pieces to wear even on a day-to-day basis. Maybe you’d like to know more about a brand that creates the highest-end jewelry, perfumes, and fashion. In that case, you should definitely check out the fashion mammoth Gucci!

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