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I love our Parisian chic outfits, and since I’m French, I wanted to share some insights into dressing like Parisian women. On the Fashion Fabrique, you’ll find an entire line of articles covering French fashion, but right now, let’s see some serious tips to dress like a French woman. If you’ve watched The Devil Wears Prada – and even if you haven’t – then you know how impactful fashion can be on your day-to-day relationships. In Paris, the weather is very soothing in spring and autumn, with some scorching hot summers and cooler-than-cold winters. In this article, I will talk about some elements that make Parisian summer outfits timeless. Plus, I’m giving you a whole array of ideas to elevate your outfits to the chic elegance that our Parisian outfits feature!

Parisian Chic Outfits – How to dress like a French woman?

10 Tips To Create Stunning Parisian Chic Outfits - The Fashion Fabrique
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Cute Parisian outfits feature an elegant je ne sais quoi that is very difficult to describe. Whether we’re talking about Parisian summer outfits or fall-time looks, it’s the detail that counts. To dress like a French woman, you need to be confident in your looks and your mindset.

Only then can you really understand how to dress like a French woman in summer, and fall, or how to dress like a french woman in winter. The more you trust your ability to pull off our quiet elegance with your newfound Parisian chic outfits, the better you will look!

1. Timeless White Shirt

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You can never make me stop thinking that dressing like a French woman is a whole area of fashion. Cute Parisian outfits are a true work of art and design. Do you know what they say about the design? Take off all the elements you can take off – only when you are left with the necessary will you have succeeded in your design.

The same thing goes when building a Parisian outfit for winter. French girls are very much addicted to wearing plain, simple white shirts. Often, we buy oversize to wear over tight-fitting jeans. We’ll either wear it as such or in jeans with the sleeves rolled up. For a Parisian outfit for winter, you can definitely pull off a knit vest on top. A white shirt is also the perfect companion to low boots outfits, whether as a dress or with pants. With this, you’re adding the first point to how to dress like a french woman in winter!

2. Minimalism

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How to dress like a French woman in summer? One word: minimalism. French women are elegant by nature because we focus on the main elements of an outfit. To dress like a French woman, you needn’t be afraid of who you are. In the end, it is your personality that dresses your Parisian outfit winter or for summer.

We believe in using only the elements that we really need – especially for Parisian summer outfits. That is why we love neutral colors and monochrome outfits so much. They’re easy to pull off and a joy to build in the morning when the wake-up time is nasty and sticky.

Our Parisian chic outfits for summer usually include a statement piece and other simple elements that build up the presence of the statement item. For instance, the pleated pants featured in the picture above, combined with other plain elements, and accessories such as a hat and bracelets, or a beautiful gold necklace.

3. Parisian Chic Outfits: High Heels

10 Tips To Create Stunning Parisian Chic Outfits - The Fashion Fabrique
Photo: Marie Claire

In France, we love looking good. We love looking elegant and pure, and so we want our cute Parisian outfits to reflect this mindset. Whether we choose a midi dress, a short skirt, or cutout denim jeans, the goal is the same. We need to look romantic and edgy and cool – all rolled into one.

To dress like a French woman, investing in high heels is important. On a day-to-day basis, we don’t wear heels that often. However, when you go out in Paris, heels are something you pull out faster than a gun in an American movie. We are all about style and elegance. As such, if you do not know how to walk in heels, it’s better to ditch them or learn how to walk before you go out on the town.

That is also why our Parisian summer outfits include tiny kitten heels or something not above 5 cm for every day. We prefer comfortable, urban flats that really flatter our overall figure.

4. Parisian Summer Outfits: Cut-Out Denim Shorts

10 Tips To Create Stunning Parisian Chic Outfits - The Fashion Fabrique
Photo: Petite In Paris

If you’re wondering how to dress like a French woman in summer, cutout denim shorts are the way to go. When it gets hot in the capital, it’s no joke. You really feel like you’re melting and cute Parisian outfits for the summer must keep you as cool and dry as possible.

Fortunately, a staple of our wardrobes is denim shorts. They just go with everything, from heels for date night to low boots and tights for winter. To dress like a French woman, you must understand how to complement your shorts. Neutral and basic pieces are your best friends.

Choose either a strappy top and flat sneakers or an oversize shirt and Spartan sandals and you’re sure to look banging. Don’t forget the jewelry, that’s all I’ve got to add!

5. The Famous Trench Coat

Photo: The Visuel of Grace

You won’t often see a Parisian outfit in winter without a trench coat. To dress like a French woman, you need one of these in your wardrobe. Trench coats exist in various fabrics that make them perfect for the beginning of spring, or the dead of winter. The most classic color is the camel, but there are trench coats for every outfit tone.

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Wear it open and nonchalant over a knit cardigan and slim denim jeans, or wear it closed over a dress and high heels. You’re sure to look very Parisian whichever outfit you choose. In my opinion, a trench coat is so chic that it calls for matte red lipstick straight away. In any case, I never consider Parisian chic outfits to be complete without a pop of color on my lips.

6. Love Layering

10 Tips To Create Stunning Parisian Chic Outfits - The Fashion Fabrique
Photo: Damsel in Dior

As I mentioned above, I think the French are masters of clothes layering. Dressing like a French woman allows you to curate your outfits perfectly. When you know how to build cute Parisian outfits, it’s because you know how to make neutral and monotone look a million bucks. Plus, this knowledge allows you to never go overboard. When you dress like a French woman, anything you wear will look amazing because it looks just right.

Parisian summer outfits are a bit different – for summer, we’re more likely to wear a strappy midi dress with a white tee or denim shorts with a cropped top. Layering for summer will focus more on jewelry. We will most likely choose several minimalist pieces and combine them to create a soft bling look.

7. Masculin-Féminin

10 Tips To Create Stunning Parisian Chic Outfits - The Fashion Fabrique
Photo: Fashion Tasty

Androgynous fashion is one of the staples of Parisian chic outfits. To dress like a French woman, as I already mentioned you need to have some solid self-confidence. That’s why it does not matter if you are overly feminine or not. We like elegance, and we like looking good – but we would never trade our comfort.

How to dress like a French woman in summer if you want to build an androgynous look? You’ll simply need basic camel or black sandals, or a pair of Superga or Victoria’s if you’re more into sneakers. Cut-out denim shorts or comfortable paper-bag shorts, a plain white tee, and simple layered jewelry are enough. We’ll complete the outfit with a crossover mini bag. That’s how we do Parisian chic outfits – easy enough, isn’t it?

8. Parisian Summer Outfits: Dress like a French woman and Accessorize!

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Dressing like a French woman includes mastering a combination of accessories. Parisian girls are crazy about hats, above all. We usually have one or two basic hats in our wardrobe that we can basically include in any outfit.

For a Parisian outfit in winter, we’ll usually wear a felt hat with jeans, a cutely knit sweater, and denim jeans in knee-high boots. To dress like a French woman, you’ll need to find a hat that suits your face perfectly.

Just because you love the style does not mean you need to copy it entirely. It is up to you, and super enjoyable to work out the best shape of an element for your face or your body!

9. Luxury Fashion Staples

10 Tips To Create Stunning Parisian Chic Outfits - The Fashion Fabrique
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Parisian chic outfits and French luxury brands go hand in hand. To dress like a French woman, you don’t need to splurge on dozens of items. Most of the time, you don’t even wear what you’ve loved in the heat of the moment. Cute Parisian outfits know to mix some good inexpensive elements shopped at H&M, Zara, or one of our famous vintage shops.

In general, French girls like a simple, affordable style. It does not really matter how much we spend. But as we grow older, especially when we live in the capital, we just want to look cute and tidy. That’s where a clean luxury piece from a high-end fashion brand like Yves Saint-Laurent, Chanel, or Dior will always have a big impact on our mood.

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We love using, reusing, and repurposing our fashion staples. I would even go as far as saying that we are masters of the art of layering all those pieces. There – I said it.

10. Bet on details

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Parisian summer outfits feature unmistakable details. To dress like a French woman, you must not be afraid of movement and texture. We love our flowy short and midi dresses, for one. When the good weather is back, we are the first ones to run to H&M, Caroll, and Sandro to snatch the cutest dresses with movement.

How to dress like a French woman in summer? Pay attention to the details. Even if you have chosen the cutest neutral flowy dress, your job here is not done. A Parisian woman would combine this staple with delicate silver or gold jewelry, a hat, and a beautiful suede bag. The makeup would be very minimalist, with just a hint of lipgloss, blush, eyebrows done, and the timeless black mascara.

Wrapping Up How To Get the Parisian Chic Look

10 Tips To Create Stunning Parisian Chic Outfits - The Fashion Fabrique
Photo: Marie Claire

Dressing like a French woman requires presence and personality. Your clothes are simply a way to show who you are without pretension. We like focusing on one or two statement pieces that elevate the whole look. Then, we keep the makeup really simple with mascara, eyeliner, and often, lipstick.

Other than that, French girls and women are not out there and extravagant when it comes to fashion. Dressing like a French woman is easy, from winter to summer outfits. Layering during the cold season pops of colors during summer, and fashion minimalism always. The patterns we choose are very well-crafted because we do not own hundreds of pieces. The French wardrobe is functional, beautiful, and versatile. A kind of Marie Kondo for the fashion soul, if you will.

French women like comfort and versatility. We like to move around freely in our fast-paced lives. For us, fashion is part of everyday life and basic rule. If you want to dress like a French woman, take a look at these comfortable and trendy fashion brands. You’ll find everything you need there in terms of inspiration!

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