10 Best French Luxury Fashion Brands

French luxury fashion brands will always have something over me. There’s a kind of elegance that French perfume brands and French luxury fashion brands have. And I’m not saying this because I’m French. I am saying it because our nonchalance is regarded as elegance. And that’s what French luxury brands have understood, and implemented into each of their collections for decades.

From Dior to Cartier and Chanel, I have made a French luxury brands list so you can have a quick overview of who is designing what, why, and since when. I’ll be talking about French luxury jewelry brands, fashion, and perfume that offer the finest products that our country has to offer.

Learn all about the decadent elegance of the French, and remember them for your next French luxury brand crossword clue!

10 Best French Luxury Fashion Brands

10 Best French Luxury Fashion Brands - Cartier, Chanel, Hermès & More
Photo: Elle

We’re about to embark on the fabulous French luxury fashion brands journey. From French perfume brands like Givenchy to French fashion designers like Dior and Chanel, I will break it all down in this French luxury brands list.

There are some good reasons to become addicted to the top french luxury brand names. Sure, the price point is set higher. Still, when you buy French luxury jewelry brands or a good coat piece, you have the warranty of long-term quality pieces. That’s more than a lot of brands can vouch for.

1. French Luxury Fashion Brands: Isabel Marant

10 Best French Luxury Fashion Brands - Cartier, Chanel, Hermès & More
Photo: Shopenauer

Isabel Marant is one of the top French luxury brand names today. The entire Isabel Marant brand story started in 1989. At only 22 years old, the French designer opened Twen, a knitwear and jersey brand that earned its first boutique three years later.

If Isabel Marant appears on this French luxury brands list, it is because of the singular love of fashion that represents Isabel Marant. Trendy and simple – that’s the brand’s motto and a good French luxury brand crossword clue. What characterizes this King of French luxury brands, however, is the thoughtful pieces created for everyday, real people’s lives. Rebel, bohemian, and pragmatic – that sums up Isabel Marant for you.

2. Chanel: French Luxury Fashion and Cosmetics Brand

Photo: L’Officiel

Chanel is one of the top French luxury fashion brands. Who doesn’t know the famous tweed suit that revolutionized French females’ fashion in the past century? Who doesn’t know the ultimate 2.55 handbag? Every fashionista knows at least by sight a handful of creations signed by Chanel.

Little do must of us know that Chanel is also one of the top French luxury jewelry brands. The designer has always focused her efforts on costume jewelry, which is somewhat different from fine and high jewelry as it uses less noble materials.

Chanel rose to fame by breaking down fashion rules and emphasizing women’s features and silhouettes. Her signature perfume, Chanel n°5, is a great face for the brand – feminine, elegant, yet powerful.

3. French Luxury Fashion Brands: Dior

Photo: HypeBeast

French luxury brand crossword clue in 4 letters. Dior is simply the top of French luxury fashion brands, and no one can say any differently. It all started back in 1946 when the French designer set to offering the finest haute couture ever seen. Dior is famous for dressing some of the world’s most famous celebrities back in the day, like Marlene Dietrich or Ava Gardner.

Few know that Yves Saint Laurent started designing for Dior at only 21 years old after Christian Dior died. Keeping proportions and patterns in line with the brand’s personality, he helped keep it one of the top French luxury fashion brands. Dior is more than just a “J’Adore” slogan recognizable among all the finest French perfume brands. It is French luxury and pride woven into every single pattern. Like Chanel, Dior is also today one of the very best French luxury jewelry brands.

He is, amongst other creations, responsible for the Lady Dior bag, the Sauvage de Dior perfume, and most importantly the New Look – a mix of cinched waists and midi skirts that were all the rage with his first collection in 1947.

4. Louis Vuitton

10 Best French Luxury Fashion Brands - Cartier, Chanel, Hermès & More
Photo: Louis Vuitton

Of course, this French luxury brands list wouldn’t be complete without Louis Vuitton. Actually, it is a much older brand than most people know. Before becoming one of the top French luxury brand names, Louis Vuitton went through a long apprenticeship. At 16 years old, he arrived in Paris on foot and started learning the trunk-making craft. Artisan skills were always a core piece of the Louis Vuitton brand. Louis Vuitton worked in Paris as a trunk maker for seventeen years, and later set out to open his own workshop near the Place Vendome.

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Marc Jacobs designed for Louis Vuitton too. It’s always very interesting to see who worked where before flying on their own and becoming themselves French luxury brands. Today, the brand is mostly known for its bags, like the Papillon, Alma, Noé, or Speedy bags. It’s also one of the most expensive French perfume brands – and Louis Vuitton also offers beautiful minimalist jewelry.

5. Givenchy: French Luxury Perfume & Fashion Brand

10 Best French Luxury Fashion Brands - Cartier, Chanel, Hermès & More
Photo: Elle

Givenchy is very much known as one of the best French perfume brands today. I personally also own a lipstick from the Deep Velvet range that is one of the best matte lipsticks I have ever tried. And, trust me, I have tried dozens and dozens.

Givenchy was founded at the beginning of the 1950s by Hubert de Givenchy and launched its first perfume, L’Interdit, in 1957. Like the Givenchy perfumes, the fashion creations of the House are minimalist and bold all rolled into one. The first of its successful clothes were called the ‘séparables’ which included a light skirt and structured blouses.

The brand still lies on bold blocks of fabric softened by fine accessories, and that can only make it one of the best French luxury fashion brands today. Collaborations with celebrities have included Audrey Hepburn, Naomi Campbell, Rihanna, and Madonna – only the very finest.

6. Yves Saint-Laurent

Collage by Lesya Pakharyna on L’Officiel

Yves Saint Laurent was already one of the finest French luxury fashion brands even before Karl Lagerfeld’s and Hedi Slimane’s ascension. From the 1960s, he started empowering women with his own version of the female suit.

Yves Saint Laurent designed for Dior Haute couture and ready-to-wear collections and in 1961, only four years after becoming the creative director for Dior, he launched his first YSL couture collection.

Yves Saint Laurent is also one of the most famous French perfume brands and French luxury jewelry brands. Structured yet French crazed, his creations empower the boldest of us.

7. French Luxury Fashion Brands: Hermès

Photo: Streetstyleshooters/Getty Images

Hermès appears on my French luxury brands list because of the iconic quality of the label. The Birkin and Kelly bags, Le Carré foulards, and many other leather goods signed by Hermès have made it to the podium of most famous luxury fashion items. What is most fascinating about this King of French luxury brands is the company’s strategy.

The Hermès strategy revolves around a few qualities: a spirit of conquest and entrepreneurship, creativity, craftsmanship lie at the core of this mammoth among French luxury brand names. In addition, Hermès uses “patience” as a strong element in the strategy. If you would like to purchase a bag, you have to place an order and wait for a few months before your bag is ready. I think that’s a great strategy to spark fashionistas’ interest.

8. Longchamp: French Luxury Leather Goods Brand

Photo: Matteo Cirenei

Longchamp has sat at the top of the French luxury brands list since 1948. His collection for the Paris Fair on May 1st, 1948 saw him use the most luxurious crocodile and lizard leathers. Today, one of the most famous Longchamp collections is the Pliage bag, travel, and wallet collection.

I remember I was around 14 or 15 when I started really diving into the French luxury brands world. I would dream about owning Prada, Chanel, and Yohji Yamamoto and I could not be unstuck from Fashion TV on the little screen. French luxury brand names have always attracted me, and as soon as I’ve been able to afford a luxurious Pliage bag, I did not hesitate one moment.

9. Lancôme

Photo: Viora London

I love Lancôme – that has to be one of the very best French perfume brands. La vie est belle (hint: French luxury brand crossword clue) is one of the top-selling luxury perfumes in the entire world, even years after its launch. A lot of the French luxury fashion brands try to expand, but none do it as well as Lancôme does. Their makeup is also super trendy and colorful and perfect for beginners and makeup artists alike.

The brand really lies on the values of French spirit, elegance, innovation, and efficacy. Well, it’s working – Lancôme has been around since 1935.

10. Cartier: French Luxury Jewelry Brand

Photo: CPP Luxury

Cartier – one of the best French luxury brand names without a doubt. There are not many French luxury brands that I consider as successful, high-quality, and dreamy as I do Cartier. I love how minimalist they can be, all the while designing ultra-bold designs.

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The beauty of the gemstones and precious metals they use make it a true pioneer on this French luxury brands list. Since 1847, Cartier has been offering the world tasty designs for noble clients such as Princess Mathilde, the niece of Napoleon I. I would just suggest taking a look at their designs – you’ll be mindblown.

Wrapping Up 10 Best French Luxury Fashion Brands

10 Best French Luxury Fashion Brands - Cartier, Chanel, Hermès & More
Photo: LVMH

There you have them – the very best French luxury fashion brands. They all feature something different, something avant-garde in their own way. French perfume brands sweat out all the elegance and purity of the French woman. When you want to purchase a new luxury item, I do think there is no better choice than one of the top French luxury fashion brands. How about you keep discovering the best luxury items with our list of the best mini designer bags?

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