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We know Emporio Armani more and more for the diverse collections it launches in a matter of high-end fashion, clothing, and accessories, such as watches. Emporio Armani is known as one of the “not very expensive” clothing lines of the Armani Group, pleasing a long range of youths. Here’s what you need to know about Emporio Armani, by the Armani Italian fashion house.

Based on Armani’s known quality around the world, the sub-brand introduces the younger buyers into the Armani line through best quality products at significantly lower prices.

As you may already know, the head of Armani, the name of the brand, the designer is the amazing Giorgio Armani. The 80+ years old designer is still actively engaging in work, and the Armani and Emporio Armani are attracting more and more visitors. Armani’s style is elegant, simple, and neath. Using a lot of black in his clothing lines, he definitely deserves to be one of the most famous Italian fashion brands.

Emporio Armani brand – What is Emporio Armani? – About the Italian fashion brand

Emporio Armani is a sub-label created by Giorgio Armani, the main inspiration for the high-end fashion products we all love. It arrived right in 1982s after the success of Giorgio Armani started to blow the international fashion industry. The face of this sub-label that Giogio Armani created expresses the innovation behind the main brand, including a very powerful marketing strategy, such as creative advertisements for the best exposure.

Many partnerships started with the film industry, television canals, and offline sectors as well. It is attracting lots of high-profile actors to join, such as David and Victoria Beckham, Megan Fox, Rihanna, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Emporio Armani exists now all over the world, online and offline. They work through visibility approaches and also through the amazing boutiques that spread in important tourist spots. More about this Italian fashion house.

The logo of Emporio Armani is represented by a turned right eagle. It is much more than an ordinary eagle, as it is divided by horizontal stripes, along with the G and A emblem of Giorgio Armani. The eagle looking on the right was the best way to symbolize the brand’s high quality. Moreover, it shows excellence in the fashion industry and the simple typography makes it a smart description of the brand’s vision.

How big is Giorgio Armani in the fashion world? – The History of Armani

giorgio armani

Born in Italy in 1975, the Giorgio Armani brand started after a series of life paths that the creator Giorgio took. From wanting to pursue a career in medicine, to joining the army, and finally starting his journey in the fashion world as a window dresser in Milan, Giorgio started his fashion empire by designing clothes for Nino Cerruti as a freelancer.

The Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani became an international innovative icon for the successful designs that wear the Italian tag. Also, for the expansion that he brought to the brand through his models, sub-brands, and the fame that they gained thanks to the celebrities world who were amazed by the creations

What makes Armani si special is the superior designs and themes, and the continuous successful trend invention. It has the perfect characteristics to be called a real luxury brand, and Giorgio Armani is praised to be the most successful designer that comes from Italy.

As he succeeded to dominate the fashion industry for decades now, the brand didn’t stop being shocked even during the pandemic times. He always comes with new tactics and succeeds to take the brand one step closer in the continuous growth journey. He also affirms that people are always saying that he has the power to see into the future.

One amazing thing that makes the Giorgio Armani brand amazing is the fact that it expanded too much more than fashion, to hotels, restaurants, and clubs all over the world. In every, each of those, the style and innovation of the brand can be seen.

Emporio Armani vs Giorgio Armani

What’s the difference between the two Italian fashion houses, EA and GA? Each one of us is different from each other, with different tastes and senses of clothing styles. There are no terms that can describe which one can be an actual way to dress. That is while sizes, colors, and patterns are an open book for all that want to explore and find themselves through the things that appeal more. This is the way how one finds his style, through the continuous exploration that is available today to all of us, while the possibilities increase and the level of judgment decreases.

Giorgio Armani, as a creator, wanted to make his vision and creations accessible to a larger scale of buyers. All after the fantastic fame that it brought to Giorgio Armani, a brand that now is one of the most sought-after fashion brands in the world. The sophistication of the brand and the quality of the works requested growth of the range of products so that it could get to many more persons.

There are main differences between Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani, like the Giorgio Armani brand targets wealthy customers. Youths were the principal targets when creating the Emporio Armani brand because the clothing line focuses more and more on modern trends. It is a young appeal that is mostly loved by young adults, and college attendants between 20 to 30 years old.

It is known that Emporio Armani uses lower-quality materials, only to make the collections be affordable for everyone. Still, if you want to find some of the Emporio Armani designs and accessories, you will probably have to find the brand’s boutique in limited locations, because in the Giorgio Armani ones, they are not available.

Emporio Armani women+men collections

The brand has around 170 open stores worldwide, while the entire brand has approximately 500 stores. Ready-to-wear and other products and accessories for women and men mainly focus on the approach of the changing trends through design elements. Emporio Armani by now became a really important Italian fashion house.

Their collections have a variety of products for women, men, and kids, It has also products that you can use as gifts, or home decor, and even beauty products. The women+men collections symbolize the young feeling by having a clean style, featuring watercolor prints, and floral and blossom prints. They follow the abstract lines for women. For men, also in a variety of patterns, types of logos, rainbow colors, and photographs.

Women designs

The women’s collections that Emporio Armani is adapting to every size have created big fame for the brand internationally. This silk crepe-de-chine dress is the best expression of their innovation. The floral watercolor print is delicately completing the lightweight material which makes it a prestigious piece of the collection.

emporio armani dress

Men design

emporio armani design for men

One of Emporio Armani’s unique features is the attention to detail that it brings to the finishing of the products. This casual sweatshirt stares an oversized tattoo logo and a print on the hood. That is making the one who wears it able to adapt it to a large array of styles and looks.

Emporio Armani watches

emporio armani watch

All the Emporio Armani watches are characterized to be unique timepieces, easily versatile, and have sophisticated aesthetics. All of them are Swiss Made watches, which are known for the typical Swiss tradition of high precision mechanisms.

A final response to the question ” What is Emporio Armani?”

emporio armani shop

Indeed, we know now what a benefit has Giorgio Armani brand brought to the world through his, sub-label, Emporio Armani. The world needs to be accessible, through the goods that we all desire, through the styles that we all want to adopt. Giorgio Armani, an Italian designer was the one to make it possible for all categories of buyers. He does it especially for the youths, to have the access to an internationally famous brand clothing and accessories line and this deserves another praise along with all the recognition that he gained during his fashion excellence journey.

Emporio Armani is inspiration and creativity, an Italian fashion house you must know about. It is bringing Giorgio Armani to accelerate Italian brand growth and leads to a big development in the fashion world.

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