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Miu Miu is a luxury Italian designer brand that has been continuously gaining the attention of young women. The majority of the Miu Miu products are made in Italy, but they also have a part that’s being made in Turkey. If you want to know some insights about Miu Miu brand, you’re in the right place! Miu Miu is internationally famous thanks to its parent brand, Prada. Within this post, we will discuss questions such as if is Miu Miu a Prada brand, but more specifically what is Miu Miu brand?

We’ll also get into some details of the product range the Italian fashion brand has, such as the Prada Miu Miu sunglasses, Miu Miu shoes, and insights about the Miu Miu brand identity, the founder of Miu Miu, and a bit of Miu Miu history. Now I wrote down the name so many times that It’s really time to stop and start talking about the brand itself!

What is Miu Miu brand? Miu Miu brand history & brand review

prada models
Miu Miu catwalk models – Photo from crfashionbook.com

The first you should know about Miu Miu brand, that it was founded in 1992 by the famous female Italian fashion designer, Miuccia Prada. The name, the Miu Miu brand identity is originating from Miuccia Prada’s nickname. Now if we mentioned Miuccia Prada, you might be asking if is Miu Miu a Prada brand, and the answer is yes. It’s a sister brand of Prada.

Miu Miu was born to create and establish a youthful, playful, more colorful, and affordable line of clothing and accessories than the Prada line itself. For this reason, you can find trendy Prada Miu Miu sunglasses, Miu Miu shoes that we adore, but also Miu Miu perfumes out there! The target customers are fashion enthusiasts in their 20s and 30s. who are searching for a more provocative style, yet at a high quality, and still restrainedly elegant.

Is Miu Miu a Prada brand?

Prada – Photo from highsociety.com

While we discuss everything about Miu Miu brand, from the beginning we keep returning to the question of is Miu Miu a Prada brand? I already answered quickly the question of is Miu Miu owned by Prada, saying that it is indeed Prada’s sister brand. Prada is one of the most famous Italian luxury fashion brands for many years now. Founded in 1913 as a small leather goods company, and escalated to one of the most famous luxury brands.

Before the Miu Miu history, Prada first expanded to leather handbags and accessories, ready-to-wear collections, travel accessories, and fragrances as well. The company grew fast over the years thanks to the premium quality and great taste they have always provided. In Milan, the first Prada store opened on Via della Spiga and it’s been called the green store, thanks to the Prada green color we know.

Miu Miu Prada’s sister, just two years after its foundation left its mark on the fashion industry. The innovation process started in 1995, and this innovation and creativity created a label that we can recognize anywhere. Miu Miu products have a clean aesthetic, combined with the green hue, also known as Prada green. Today, Miu Miu is present all over the world, enjoying the fame and attention of young women.

Miuccia Prada

miuccia prada
Miuccia Prada – Photo form fashionhall.com

When we speak about Miu Miu brand, we must speak about the woman behind it, Miuccia Prada. She is the co-CEO of the Prada brand, and the Miu Miu brand identity itself. We already discussed if is Miu Miu a Prada brand, and everything around that topic, as well as a bit of Miu Miu history. Miuccia Prada is also the co-creative director of Prada and Miu Miu. She built a family business, not one brand, but two, Miu Miu Prada to international levels.

Not just that, but also that both Italian fashion brands became one of the top 10 luxury fashion brands that everyone heard about around the world. Now, before all this, Miuccia’s career didn’t start with high enthusiasm about the fashion world. She has a Ph.D. in Political Science, which was also followed by miming courses and her work in the Piccolo Teatro at Milan.

Miuccia Prada became an active part of the Prada family business and she started designing in 1985. Within her first creations, she created a line of black Prada backpacks that had a lightweight feature, which created immediate success.

Debute – Miu Miu brand identity

As we know, Miuccia Prada was encouraged by her husband, Patrizio Bartelli to start her own line, under her own label, and so she did in 1988. This first Miu Miu collection was called Uniforms for the slightly disenfranchised which gained great attention, and her brand became unstoppable.

Besides Miu Miu Prada has its own luxury line, and Miu Miu has a slightly more affordable line, that’s accessible for more women. When we want to highlight the style that defines the brand, the Miu Miu brand identity is a beautiful mix of minimalism and avant-garde. After the clothing line, Miu Miu shoes and scents like the Miu Miu floral perfume grabbed people’s attention!

The difference between Miu Miu and Prada

You might want to know about Miu Miu and Prada what is the difference between them right? Well, we already established at the Miu Miu brand identity, that it’s more affordable than Prada, and it’s targeting a younger age of women specifically. Years ago Miuccia Prada said that designing is a very complex process. There are many ideas, many details to express and you can often get yourself in contradictory situations.

Due to the fact that Prada is a much more sophisticated brand, the work process of the products, their design, and their making takes longer. With Miu Miu, ideas can come spontaneously and they are easier to realize in the studio. Is Miu Miu owned by Prada, as we asked before? The reason that they are two different brands but it’s still a sister brand of Prada is this. One is less complicated than the other. At least when it comes to manufacturing.

The Miu Miu Logo and colors

miu miu logo
Miu Miu logo

Now if we speak about Miu Miu brand and the Miu Miu brand identity, we lust discuss the Miu Miu logo! The brand is known for being a friendly and accessible, yet exclusive brand, and that’s what its logo is reflecting as well.

Miu Miu logo is a simple, yet eye-catching, black and white logo with a hint of playful, girly impression. This was exactly what Miuccia Prada tried to represent and achieve when she founded Miu Miu in the first place.

The Miu Miu brand’s evolution

In no more than 3 years after Miu Miu was created, the fame followed the little sister of Prada. It gained a lot of international fame and support thanks to the image that the Miu Miu brand started to spread. It highlights the feminine, non-conformist and rebellious feelings.

Miu Miu exists since 1995 now, it continues to evolve in the world of fashion by becoming a favorite street style for youths. At Miu Miu, the biggest aim is to define a mixed vision of modern feminity. This can be seen through their advertising campaigns as well, not only in the collections.

Prada’s and Miu Miu’s marketing strategy is often applied to youths. They are also choosing youth models for their ad campaigns, which is even more appealing to the target customers that they have.

The style and motifs used in the collection have also played a big role to make a move around potential customers. For example, the cat motif used by Miu Miu attracted such a big interest among the youth, as now is instantly recognized as the brand’s identification tag.

The future of Miu Miu brand

Yes, we know about Miu Miu bags, Miu Miu shoes, and many other accessories, as well as about clothing collections, but the interesting fact compared to Prada is, that Miu Miu has a more artistic touch, since it’s combining the avant-garde into the pieces.

The brand continues to grow and diversify product lines, as it did before as well. For now, we are going to keep an eye on the growth of the brand that’s spontaneous, creative, and innovative. We can’t wait for more to come!


If we would take a look at Miu Miu 2010 collection and Miu Miu 2011 collection, we will see right away the growth of the brand. The demand for more, and new products has increased year after year, and it continues to grow.

Miu Miu 2021 collection release show took place without an audience. It was on live stream, offering a cyber spacious sports arena. The Miu Miu models, Elle Fanning, Choe Sevigny, and other models and influences were also live-streamed during the whole show. During the representation, the whole scene was conceived around the teenage dreams of perfect partying outfits.

Miu Miu sneakers

Let’s speak first about Miu Miu shoes! Besides the fancy, extravagant, beautiful, and gorgeous elegant shoes, high heels, and sandals, you can also find Miu Miu sneakers. This is possibly one of our favorite parts of a daytime outfit. The Miu Miu sneakers are clean, comfy, and still chic.

Since the brand is Prada’s sister brand, it’s not a question that Miu Miu is using extremely great quality leather, which is combined with glitter insertions that really do captivate us. You can pick the really simple, all-white, and logo sneakers that we prefer, but you’ve got different types of glittery, more eye-catching styles and models to pick from!

Miu Miu Bags

The Miu Miu bags have a really special design, that you can always recognize easily. First of all the beautiful leatherwork is visible from afar, but you can also notice that the leather bags have a braided design, which is a basic mark of the Miu Miu bags.

Withing the Miu Miu bags, the Sassy Matelasse Nappa leather handbag is a highlight. At production, they use a technique to matelasse and seek the volumes of the leather. These bags have usually chain handles, and some designs have crystals or pearls added to the chain as well. It’s one of the most trending luxury handbags, and that’s perfect for those who don’t like to carry the half house with them when they go out! Not to mention that it’s absolutely stunning!

Miu Miu Perfumes

While we were speaking about the Miu Miu brand, we highlighted various times the Miu Miu perfume. We can speak about a 2 piece Miu Miu perfume set here, the Miu Miu perfume and the Miu Miu Twist perfume. The first one is the fragrance with the blue design bottle that has a more refreshing scent while the Twist is the Miu Miu floral perfume that’s sweeter.

Both of them are ideal for everyday use and they are some of the best choices for the energetic, modern woman. The main aroma that gives the sensual essence is the lily.

The Miu Miu perfume has:

  • Headnote: lily of the valley
  • Heart note: dog rose
  • Base note: Akigalawood®

While the Miu Miu Twist perfume has

  • Top notes: Apple Blossom
  • Heart notes: Pink Musk Accord
  • Base notes: Tonka Bean, Cedar Wood

Miu Miu Sunglasses

Prada Miu Miu sunglasses… I mean, we fall in love right away with the simple black Miu Miu logo sunglasses, since we do really love large, cat-eye style eyewear.

Most of the sunglasses however have an azure gradient, dark blue glass tone which is combined with silver frames, but the other popular color is pink. There are shady pink/black pieces, that create a matte feeling, and they are just stunning. If we must choose, right after the simple matte black one, the black+pink matte sunglasses are our favorites!

Wrapping up the things to know about Miu Miu

We’ve seen the world through Prada Miu Miu sunglasses, and we’ve discussed if is Miu Miu a Prada brand too. You’ve had a quick look into the Miu Miu history. The amazing Italian fashion brand ran by Miuccia Prada is an absolute success so far, especially since the Miu Miu perfume set came out, we love it even more! We can’t wait for the next Miu Miu collections to come! In the meantime, if you’re interested in other Italian luxury brands for young women, make sure to check out the brand of Chiara Ferragni as well!

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