Luxury Fashion Brands – Everything About The Dior Brand

The Dior brand gives me a vibe that I can’t really explain. Dior sneakers and Dior perfume rank amongst the very best luxury items in the world. The brand was founded in 1946, right after the Second World War. Since then, the designs have brought joy to countless women – and men! – around the world.

What is it about owning a Christian Dior brand logo that makes people so happy? When you get into the store and find yourself in front of Christian Dior sandals or Dior bag designs all prettier than the previous one, it’s an indescribable feeling.

I love luxury items as much as the next girl – if not more. Dior shoes and Dior makeup make my heart beat, and I want to show you why today. Read on to know everything about Dior!

The Dior Brand: Everything You Need To Know About Dior Sneakers, Bags, Shoes and More

Luxury Brands: All You Need To Know About The Dior Brand
Photo: Dior

You’ve most probably already seen Christian Dior slides or a Dior belt at least once in your life. Whether it was online or on a friend’s outfit, it looked good and got you hooked. The Christian Dior logo is a treasure all on its own. But when I see a Christian Dior bracelet or a Christian Dior shirt, I feel very proud to be French.

The Dior brand DNA is sophisticated, free, and energetic. The Christian Dior brand has been around since 1946 and knows how to reinvent its classics decade after decade. The very creative designer comes up with the best collections, always playing on the complexity of the simple. In this article, I will highlight some of the best Dior features, like the brand’s background, who owns Dior brand, as well as some of their most iconic products.

1. The Dior Brand: Background & History of the Dior Brand DNA

Luxury Brands: All You Need To Know About The Dior Brand
Photo: CR Fashion Book

The Christian Dior brand is headquartered at 30 Avenue Montaigne, in Paris, France. In 2019, the Dior brand brought in over 53 billion dollars – one of the best-selling luxury brands in the world.

Although the company was once the property of Christian Dior himself, this has since long changed. Who owns Dior brand today? None other than the Arnault group, who is also at the head of the LVMH group.

The first collections released by the brand did not yet include Dior sneakers, Dior sandals, or Dior perfume. The two first lines bore the names “Corolle” and “Huit” but were never remembered as such. Harper’s Bazaar was already an influential publication at that time. When the editor-in-chief labeled the collections “New look”, the actual New Look movement was born.

The Christian Dior brand logo was indeed inspired by a new look that borrowed elements from masculine fashion. Much like Chanel, Dior played on androgynous shapes and still does today with their Christian Dior sandals, clothing, and Dior shoes.

2. Who owns Dior brand?

The Christian Dior headband and the Dior belt might make us dreamy today, but they could have never happened. In 1957, when Christian Dior died, there were talks of shutting down the Dior brand altogether. The whole fashion industry protested – the Dior brand name had become way too important for this to happen.

In 1984, Bernard Arnault purchased Dior and went on to make it what it is today; luxurious watches, stunning dresses, and amazingly modern Dior sneakers.

Dior is not the only brand that was badly affected by the Second World War and the death of its founder. We remember Chanel, who had only one boutique left when WWII took place. We are lucky to enjoy the beauty of Christian Dior slides and Christian Dior earrings today. After 74 years, they are still an impactful symbol of French luxury and elegance.

It is also fun to see how different countries and continents shop from the brand. A Christian Dior shirt or a Christian Dior sweater is combined differently if you are living in Los Angeles, Paris, or Tokyo. In France, for instance, ladies like to keep it low-key. Maybe that is why French elegance is praised all over the world.

We would rather wear only one Christian Dior bracelet with a full black outfit. If we wear a Christian Dior swimsuit, we probably wouldn’t accessorize it too much. I mean, if you’re wearing a Christian Dior bathing suit, it does complement itself, doesn’t it?

3. The Christian Dior Logo


The Christian Dior brand logo is very simple and luxurious. We now know that whether you choose to purchase a Christian Dior bracelet or the ‘Poison’ Dior perfume, you’ll love your purchase. When the brand was born in 1946, two logos were available: “Christian Dior” or the initials “CD”. You could see a Christian Dior bracelet or Christian Dior sandals with the CD logo, which would now be worth much, much more.

People always tend to forget that buying luxurious items is good for the mind. Indeed. However, a Dior belt or a Dior bag can be amazing investments over time. You can probably invest in anything. Still, I don’t think used Christian Dior slides and Dior sneakers make for great investments. I’d rather suggest you check out the increase in value of a Christian Dior bracelet or ring.

4. An overview of Christian Dior Brand: Dior sneakers, Dior perfume, Dior perfume, and More

The Christian Dior brand offers so many great items. Most of the time, if you lay eyes on Dior sneakers or Dior sandals, you’ll most probably want to splurge. I know I want to. If you get a Dior bag, you know for sure that its resale value will be increased in a few years.

That’s the thing with luxury, and most importantly the Christian Dior brand logo. Their value increases with time. Some specific items have made the Dior brand DNA over the last seven decades. The Saddle Bag (Paris Hilton, anyone?) is an iconic Dior bag. The Lady Dior and Montaigne 30 handbags. Those are some great successes of the brand.

However, Dior perfume is also to be mentioned. Miss Dior and Sauvage (pictured above) are two of the best-selling luxury perfumes of all time. Who owns Dior brand is very skilled in knowing what the customer wants. That’s how we’ve gotten the best Dior sneakers, Christian Dior sandals, and overall the most exquisite Dior shoes. It’s not due to chance. It’s due to a true vision.

5. Christian Dior Swimsuit Collections

Quite since its beginnings, Dior has designed the famous vintage Dior bathing suit. Not many people talk about it, and I think they should make a real comeback. I love Dior shoes and Dior sneakers as much as the next girl. But I think the Dior swimsuits world is lacking recognition.

The lines are inspired by the vintage, almost pin-up swimsuit shapes. Some of the other models look more sporty, even with the same fabric. I love the inspirations of the 20th century decades. They give a shot of history to the Christian Dior sandals, Dior perfume, and Dior bag designs we have even today. Why? Because they’re bathed in tradition and skill.

6. What makes the Dior shoes so famous?

Luxury Brands: All You Need To Know About The Dior Brand
Photo: Dior

Those are some of the most famous items of the Christian Dior brand aside from the Christian Dior shirt line, or the Christian Dior swimsuit collection: the Dior sneakers. J’Adior, D-Connect, Dway, Dior-ID – those models are all engraved in the Dior brand DNA.

It’s not always easy to choose which luxury shoes to purchase. Especially when you’re a woman, and it seems like the designers are targeting your wallet a bit more precisely every time. When the collection is a bit smaller, like the Christian Dior bracelet or the Dior belt, it’s easier to choose.

The Dior sneakers called Dior-ID (pictured above) are one of the best-selling Christian Dior logo items. They’re made out of white and deep blue calfskin and rubber. With the calfskin, we have the iteration of the luxury you can also find in a Christian Dior jacket or Christian Dior slides.

We have modernity, contrast, and elegance all merged into a pair of shoes to last you for years. The Arnault group who owns Dior brand has worked tirelessly since 1984 to keep offering the most luxurious items. It simply makes me happy, as a fashion addict, that “Christian Dior earrings” or “Christian Dior headband” still mean something in 2021.

7. Jewelry: Christian Dior Bracelet and Christian Dior earrings

Luxury Brands: All You Need To Know About The Dior Brand
Photo: SCMP

As you might already have noticed, I am a huge jewelry enthusiast. I love each and every brand, together and separately. To know that the Christian Dior brand DNA is also built on a love for jewelry is very satisfying.

Today, the creative director of Dior Fine Jewelry is Victoire de Castellane. The jewelry designer has been working on Christian Dior earrings and rings for over 20 years. She started her career in Chanel, and it is the Christian Dior brand logo that allowed her to fully express herself.

The brand is not all about Dior sneakers, Dior sandals, and Dior perfume. There’s more to those 4 little letters that have conquered the world by storm. High jewelry Dior pieces exist, but the company makes it a point to offer fashion jewelry as well. The collections are modern, asymmetrical, and beyond creative.

Basically, you can take a Christian Dior jacket or a Christian Dior sweater, transpose it to the jewelry world, and you’ve got it. The ultra-modernism, the elegance, and the vision of a luxury brand that’s here to stay.

Wrapping Up The Dior Brand: Everything You Need To Know About Dior Sneakers, Bags, Shoes, and More

Luxury Brands: All You Need To Know About The Dior Brand
Photo: Dior

I just love the Christian Dior brand. I love the Christian Dior earrings, the Christian Dior sweater designs, and the Christian Dior headband line. There aren’t many luxury companies that have the same Dior brand DNA.

It’s important that brands understand their audience entirely, but in my opinion, it’s also important to keep offering avant-garde designs. Otherwise, how can you be a trendsetter? The Christian Dior jacket models, as much as the Christian Dior swimsuit line have one thing in common: they’re risky.

The person who owns Dior brand has done an amazing job at keeping the personality of the brand intact. Still, when you see the Christian Dior bathing suit collections, jewelry, and clothing lines, you understand why it keeps drawing in new fans. If you want to know more about the best luxury fashion brands, how about learning about the amazing Gucci?

PIN IT: The Dior Brand – Everything You Need To Know About Dior Sneakers, Bags, Shoes, and More

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