15 Best Drugstore British Makeup Brands

I’ve always been addicted to the best British makeup brands. It’s always been obvious that one day, I would do makeup on people with some of the top UK drugstore makeup brands. If this is your first time on The Fashion Fabrique, hi. Sam speaking today. I’m a former fashion and beauty makeup artist turned full-time lifestyle writer, and a bit of a Superdrug pharmacy addict. And I’m here today to tell you about the top of the British makeup brands list.

When I first visited London in 2014, I discovered plenty of UK makeup brands at the Boots UK store, Superdrug UK, and Urban Outfitters UK. I discovered that clothing shops had their own makeup brands – even perfume sometimes. If you don’t remember the 1D perfume Superdrug UK, or the Urban Outfitters perfume line, that’s two of them right here for you.

So sure, you can get a Beauty Blender Urban Outfitters. You can get it from mainstream brands like Maybelline or L’Oréal. But today, we’re on to the best British makeup brands – drugstore edition. With this guide, British girl makeup will hold no more secrets!

15 Best Drugstore British Makeup Brands

15 Best British Makeup Brands Drugstore Edition - Superdrug, Boots...
Photo: Fashion Network

It would be very difficult to choose the best among the best British makeup brands. From Barry M to Makeup Gallery, from Rimmel to XX Revolution, budget makeup brands UK are a real thing. All the names I will be citing on this British makeup brands list have been tested and approved by none other than me. I have tried out quite a few products from each of these UK makeup brands. I’m always searching for the best lipstick, the most amazing color payoff, the best cheap eyeshadow palette.

And I’ve found quite the gems with some really, really cheap makeup brands UK. From the packaging to the brand identity, I’m about to tell you all about the most popular makeup brands UK. I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love with quite a few too.

Plus, if there are any UK based makeup brands that you already know and love, I’d love to read your suggestions! I may not be based in London at the moment, but findings of the British makeup blogger scene like Urban Outfitters beauty and British makeup still hold my heart tightly. Without further ado… Let’s dive into the world of the most fascinating UK drugstore makeup brands!

1. Best British Makeup Brands: Rimmel

Photo: Cosmetics Business

Among the most popular brands UK, you have to cite Rimmel at some point. It just so happens that British makeup was partly made famous by Rimmel. In France, some middle-aged ladies still call a mascara a ‘rimmel’. That just goes to show that this British girl makeup brand has sat its authority in Europe ages ago.

Not just in Europe though – this is one of the best budget makeup brands UK, but it’s also famous all around the world. After all, this King of UK based makeup brands was the first to come up with non-toxic mascara!

The Rimmel brand story dates back from the 19th Century in London – its slogan ‘Get the London look’ is actually as famous as the brand. We’re not onto Urban Outfitters beauty at all here. The Rimmel makeup might be trendy, but as with everything UK-related, it still carries a tad of tradition within.

The best cheap makeup brands UK include brands that can offer the highest-quality waterproof eyeliner or creamiest-yet-still-super-longlasting matte lipstick. In 1834, Eugene Rimmel started as an apprentice perfumer at his father’s London perfumery, House of Rimmel. Just short of 25 years old, Eugene was already an expert at everything perfume and cosmetics.

Many a British makeup blogger has talked about this staple of the British makeup scene. The makeup brand still lies on a few core values: self-expression, experimentation, with a touch of your own edginess. That’s why their long collaboration with elite model Kate Moss makes so much sense, too.

2. Makeup Revolution (Revolution Beauty)

15 Best British Makeup Brands Drugstore Edition - Superdrug, Boots...
Photo: Revolution Beauty

I consider Makeup Revolution among the best British makeup brands – among the best makeup brands in the world, actually. I don’t think there’s ever a product that has disappointed me from Makeup Revolution. It’s been around for a few years on the British makeup brands list, and it has kept growing and growing.

The purpose? To offer incredible, cruelty-free beauty and makeup products for everyone. Everyone meaning that this top of the UK makeup brands works on shades for all skin tones, and affordable prices that fit any makeup budget.

The UK drugstore makeup brands are mostly fast-makeup brands that release limited edition after limited edition. Revolution Makeup even released a Friends-inspired makeup collection with the palettes bearing the names of Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe, and so on. A stunning collection, if I may add.

3. Best British Makeup Brands: Barry M

Photo: Barry M

Oh, Barry M. One of the top UK drugstore makeup brands. I’ve never found a product from this colorful company that I didn’t fall in love with. They sell anything a makeup addict aware of the current makeup trends would love.

The Barry M Matte Me Up liquid matte lipsticks are some of the best I’ve ever tried. Plus, they sometimes release new kits and self-standing colors that you just die for. I think that when UK makeup brands actually live up to the hype of great quality with affordable prices, they’ve got it all.

Barry M is one of the best British makeup brands because they follow the edginess that characterized how out-there London people are, for instance. The Gelly Hi-Shine nail paint collection is a great example of why Barry M belongs on this British makeup brands list.

The colors are popping, the nail polish is neither too thick nor too thin, and the brush is the perfect size for any nail. When you shop for UK makeup brands, do. Not. Leave. Out. Barry M.

4. Lottie London

This British makeup brands list would definitely not be complete without Lottie London. It’s a simple, no-fuss makeup brand that packs a lot. Maybe you already know its sister brand Ciaté London, another one of the best UK makeup brands, which makes amazing nail polishes famous worldwide.

The best UK drugstore makeup brands always combine two elements: trendy or avant-garde makeup products, and an affordable price point. You just need to take a look at the Eye Foil – all the shades are absolutely stunning (pictured above). The best British makeup brands are just free in their creativity, and I value this very much. Lottie London, unlike Ciaté, is exclusively a drugstore makeup brand.

5. I Heart Revolution

Photo: Revolution Beauty

Cheap makeup brands UK are profusion at stores like Boots and Superdrug. I Heart Revolution is a typical British girl makeup brand. In its first years, the brand was called I Heart Makeup and I’ve always loved this British makeup brand packaging. The British makeup brand I Heart Revolution plays on very cute designs that feature food, unicorns, and anything that could creatively trigger you.

The brand is one of the best UK based makeup brands by far because of the high quality of its products. The eyeshadows I’ve tried have always been the creamiest and easy to blend, even with their very first products. Many a British makeup blogger has featured I Heart Revolution back in the Golden Age of YouTube, and its affordable price point makes it one of the most popular makeup brands UK even today.

Also, it’s much cheaper than Urban Outfitters Beauty or other clothing and makeup brands. As far as budget makeup brands UK go, you can go with I Heart Revolution without thinking twice.

6. Nip+fab

15 Best British Makeup Brands Drugstore Edition - Superdrug, Boots...
Photo: Amazon

Nip+Fab is another one of my favorite British makeup and cosmetics brands. This one there was born not that long ago – a few years tops. The picture I’ve chosen to represent this innovative, results-driven beauty brand shows the Superfruit Primer Essence face primers. The one that smells like banana is my favorite, but I have to say that all five fruity scents are to die for.

The mission of this UK makeup brand? To provide targeted fixes to smooth, firm, hydrate, and tighten the skin. The skincare line, as such, is extensive and well-curated. However, Nip+Fab has also released a makeup collection. In it, you can find an array of eyeshadow palettes, amazing holographic lip glosses, as well as amazing liquid matte lipsticks.

I love Nip+Fab makeup and cosmetics because the formulas are well-thought, with simple packaging that draws the eye straight away. I would suggest checking your skin needs thoroughly before getting any new skincare, as various ingredients or perfumes can cause reactions.

7. Best British Makeup Brands: Sleek

15 Best British Makeup Brands Drugstore Edition - Superdrug, Boots...
Photo: Sleek Makeup

Sleek is hands down one of the best British makeup brands ever. The color schemes, the products’ textures, the long-lasting formulas – all of that makes it worthy of the best British makeup brands list. There are not many UK makeup brands that are as amazing as Sleek is – and I’m weighing my words.

British makeup is clean, classy, yet edgy, and grunge all at once. And Sleek encompasses all of these qualities. Sleek rose to fame as one of the most popular makeup brands UK back in 1985. Almost 40 years of activity in the makeup industry is a quite bright background, even on the British makeup scene where makeup is inscribed that deeply in the country’s history.

Sleek: Dark skintones’ BFF

I am not the only one to consider Sleek one of the top UK drugstore makeup brands. The colorful eyeshadow palettes and brightly pigmented lipsticks were once carefully crafted for women of color. Back in 1985, we remember UK based makeup brands and budget makeup brands UK in general to focus on light skintones.

As a result, if you were darker in terms of skintone, you could probably get the best British girl makeup in terms of lipstick. As for foundation and eyeshadow, they most likely would look ashy because the lines were not developed enough to carry warmer and darker tones. That’s a super inclusive mindset that I abide by 100%.

I feel that Sleek is one of the only budget makeup brands UK that has not deviated that much from its beginnings. Many a British makeup blogger has used Sleek products, more than once. It seems that while it has remained one of the top cheap makeup brands UK, it is still in the air with holographic textures, duochromes, and a classic line ideal for every day. I guess that kind of traditionality is what would differentiate Sleek from other brands like Urban Outfitters Beauty, for instance.

8. Simple

Photo: Simple Skincare

Simple is not a makeup drug per see, but since it’s available at Superdrug pharmacy stores and still an important part of makeup like a beauty blender Urban Outfitters… I feel it completely owns the space in this British makeup brands list. So. Simple. This is a beauty slash skincare brand that you can find at Superdrug UK, Boots UK store, and even in supermarkets. It is simply one of the coolest and most affordable British skincare brands.

I first started using the Moisturising facial wash and the Protecting light moisturizer (both pictured above) when I was doing makeup. The light moisturizer was recommended to me by another makeup artist who was using it to create a light matte base on her models’ skin. I tried it, I adopted it, and I never let go. Simple works to preserve clean beauty as a whole, with products that use only necessary ingredients.

It’s one of those brands that are now staples of the Superdrug chain, like the 1D perfume Superdrug, or the Urban Outfitters perfume. It’s just a brand that every British makeup addict knows. The products can be used with makeup from any brand, from Urban Outfitters UK to Primark makeup, or even higher-end makeup brands like Charlotte Tilbury.

9. Collection

15 Best British Makeup Brands Drugstore Edition - Superdrug, Boots...
Photo: Boots

I believe I first came across Collection in my early years of paying visits to Superdrug UK, Urban Outfitters UK, and the Boots UK store. Collection is actually one of the most affordable makeup brands in the whole UK. The first product I ever used was a turquoise glitter eyeliner which is actually still available today – with added colors in the line.

Their Lasting Protection concealers are really good – all of their concealers are, really. I have also worn their Lasting Protection foundation extensively as I was working as a receptionist in a fast-paced restaurant, and boy did it last. You can use both with a beauty blender Urban Outfitters, and you’ll get the most flawless finish for sure. The brand was created in 1987, which means they’ve been on the UK makeup brands scene for quite some time now, offering simple, efficient products.

Collection is one of those underdog makeup brands that you should really check out if you want to treat yourself without breaking the bank. Add to this a 1D perfume Superdrug, or an Urban Outfitters perfume if you’re into more adult yet fun-smelling perfumes, and you’re set for an affordable shopping spree.

10. MUA Makeup Academy

Photo: BeautyBay

MUA Makeup Academy is one of the best budget makeup brands UK. I believe I first came across it in 2014, during my first trip to the British girl makeup world. I love the MUA makeup brand so much, and I know I’m not the only one. First of all, this is one of the really cheap makeup brands UK. You can get a cute matte lipstick for £1.50, and a palette for £4. It’s really a comfort brand that you can get when you feel down, and feel like you need to treat yourself.

If MUA Makeup Academy is one of the most popular makeup brands UK, that’s definitely because of their formulations. I’ve never come across one of their products that didn’t deliver in style and quality. British makeup tends to do that – support your edginess with amazing British makeup blogger-approved prices and top-notch pigmentation.

Lucky for me, the prices are set way below Urban Outfitters Beauty, H&M makeup products, or Topshop beauty. All this to say that among UK based makeup brands, MUA Makeup Academy deserves your trust. PS: Their powder highlighters are a must-try, and at £3 apiece, they’re a steal.

11. Makeup Gallery Poundland 

15 Best British Makeup Brands Drugstore Edition - Superdrug, Boots...
Photo: Heatworld

Ah, Makeup Gallery. I could literally not wait to get to this brand on this British makeup brands list. You can definitely not find it at Superdrug pharmacy or at a Boots UK store. Makeup Gallery is actually a brand exclusive to Poundland, a one-pound-anything store present all across the UK.

Now let me tell you – I love Urban Outfitters UK, I love Superdrug UK, but there’s nothing that brings me the kind of joy that shopping at Poundland does. Of course, there’s the thrill of getting everything and anything for one symbolic pound, from makeup, to decoration, and even clothes and books. It’s the equivalent of a dollar store, with amazing value cosmetics well hidden among everything.

I am personally crazy about many of the Makeup Gallery products. The whole lip line, from the bullet lipsticks to the liquid mattes and the lipliners, is absolutely astounding. When I first tried this brand, I didn’t know what to expect. And then I came back for their nail polishes (excellent quality with a thick brush) and eyebrow products. Not one disappointed me.

I think Makeup Gallery owns its spot on this UK drugstore makeup brands – the price point is astonishing, and the quality is tremendous. Definitely one of the best British makeup brands today – even if you have to find a Poundland branch to get a few new colorful items.

12. No. 7

Photo: The Guardian

No. 7 is one of the most popular makeup brands UK. It is a brand exclusive to Boots stores, and their idea of makeup is pure and simple: “makeup is just makeup. It’s how you feel wearing it that matters”.

The mission of this British girl makeup brand – British makeup blogger too, if I may add – is to set itself as the ally of unstoppable women everywhere. No. 7 is a brand I personally haven’t used as much as Barry M, Simple, or Collection, but it definitely has a feel of success when you hold the products. As far as budget makeup brands UK go, No. 7 is a pretty great choice.

First, it’s much easier to come by than Urban Outfitters beauty, since it’s present in all the Boots shops around the UK. Plus, it’s one of the mid-priced UK based makeup brands that you don’t know much about, but fall in love with at first swatch. To me, No. 7 symbolizes the elegance of a classic City female broker. It’s actually not that young of a British makeup brand, and it’s much old than many I’ve mentioned here today – No. 7 was founded in 1935.

13. Best British Makeup Brands: B. Cosmetics

15 Best British Makeup Brands Drugstore Edition - Superdrug, Boots...
Photo: DorkFace

B. Makeup is a brand exclusive to Superdrug pharmacy. The brand created by Superdrug UK offers a whole expert line of professional, solution-driven makeup. Unlike Boots UK store and the more expensive No. 7 brand, or Urban Outfitters UK makeup, B. Makeup focuses on a lower pricepoint for all.

Every single product is as pigmented as you’d dream for it to be. If you’d like to splurge on a beauty blender Urban Outfitters, why not, but we’d suggest getting the makeup from B. Makeup. That is, if you’re looking for longlasting, exciting textures…

14. Real Techniques 

Photo: Real Techniques

I’ve ranked Real Techniques in the best British makeup brands list even if it’s not one of the proper UK makeup brands per se. Actually, Real Techniques is a makeup brush and beauty blender brand. But they’re so good, and actually designed by professional makeup artists. That’s why I thought the brand belongs among the best British makeup brands here today.

As a former makeup artist, I believe that excellent makeup cannot be performed without the right tools. And Real Techniques provides the best brushes UK drugstore makeup brands could offer – at a fraction of the cost. You can easily get a set of 5 or 6 brushes for twenty pounds, and they will last you years. The amazing feature of these is the ease with which you can use them for your everyday makeup. The duo-fiber brushes allow you to use cream or powder products efficiently, thus wasting less time in the morning prep.

15. XX Revolution

15 Best British Makeup Brands Drugstore Edition - Superdrug, Boots...
Photo: Revolution Beauty

XX Revolution is one of the most popular makeup brands UK today, and it’s not even that old. Revolution Makeup, the parent company, has taken the British makeup blogger and the British girl makeup needs, bottled them up, and infused them into each and every one of their products.

It’s not one of the cheap makeup brands UK – for this level of pigmentation and quality, you’re going to have to spend just a little more. I love XX Revolution for their efficient vision of beauty: to go together with a fast-paced world, with clean, skincare actives diffused into each product.

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Because time is of the essence, UK based makeup brands try ever so often to make our lives easier. That’s a real sense of service that characterises cheap makeup brands UK – to provide the best value without the price point of Urban Outfitters Beauty of other less budget makeup brands UK. Uber-hydration, bright pigments, vivid skin – those are some features that XX Revolution will bring you.

16. Best British Makeup Brands: Primark

15 Best British Makeup Brands Drugstore Edition - Superdrug, Boots...
Photo: The Sun

As much as I would love to stick to the actual number of brands I’ve decided to show you, it seems I always want to add one or two more options. This time, we’re onto Primark makeup. This brand is obviously not available from Superdrug pharmacy or Urban Outfitters UK. Rather, you need to enter the busy realm of Primark to find their uber-cool makeup line.

Since Primark is famous for its fast-fashion clothing lines, I don’t see why it should go differently with its makeup. As a result, the collections are varied and very limited edition for the most part. From glitter eyeshadow palettes to super-efficient and creamy lipliners, there’s just everything you could wish for.

The only thing is you never know what you’re going to get when you get Primark makeup. It’s not like a 1D perfume Superdrug, or a beauty blender Urban Outfitters. For those, you know that you’re going to see them on the shelves when you go to a Superdrug UK. With Primark, it’s a bit different since the collections change all the time. Although the brand has updated their website to show their large offer, I’d recommend not expecting anything.

17. Profusion Cosmetics at TK Maxx

15 Best British Makeup Brands Drugstore Edition - Superdrug, Boots...
Photo: Facebook

One last one, and then I’ll stop. Profusion Cosmetics is actually one of my favorite UK makeup brands, but it’s a tad tricky to come across. If you want to find some Profusion makeup in the UK, you’ll have to go to TK Maxx.

It’s always a great pleasure for me to step into a TK Maxx – I’ve purchased so much more than just makeup from the store. I used to go to the Oxford Street TK Maxx store to find amazing discounted makeup and fashion and now that I live in Rome, I do miss TK Maxx more than I like to admit.

It’s not like a Boots UK store or a Superdrug pharmacy. TK Maxx sells only discounted bags, makeup, food, clothes, shoes, homeware, and so much more. Much like Primark, you never know what you’re going to get. Profusion Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes are stunning. The price point is also exquisitely affordable, with pigmented colors that make you happy to treat yourself on such a low budget.

Wrapping Up the 15 Best UK Drugstore makeup brands

And so here they are, the best British makeup brands. I told you you’d get hooked as well! I don’t think there’s anything actually better than UK drugstore makeup brands. If you’re a makeup artist, and even if you’re just a makeup enthusiast, Superdrug pharmacy stores are always a good spot to relax in.

I am absolutely crazy about anything related to color and UK makeup brands have always been known to bring me my eyeshadow, lipstick, and highlighter fix. I have tried to make this British makeup brands list as complete as possible, including some oldies but goodies like Sleek, and some more recent creations like B. Cosmetics.

When you finally go to Superdrug UK or a Boots UK store, you’ll understand just why I’m such a sucker for British makeup. Urban Outfitters UK also makes their own beauty line, but it’s quite thin and I wish they’d just add more options already as New Look used to do back when.

So yeah, whether you get a beauty blender Urban Outfitters or a 1D perfume Superdrug, don’t forget to slip a lippie or two in your basket for the next night out! And if you’d like to learn how to dress like a Londoner, check out our thorough and fun guide!

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